Dunlop 71S Dunlop Elastic Capo

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Dunlop 71S Dunlop Elastic Capo
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Dunlop 71S

For steel 6-string guitars, curved or flat.


Dunlop 71-S Dunlop Elastic Heavy Single Capo

Ergonomic shape and padded handle make fret positioning easy.
Strong spring action clamps it firmly in place.
For steel 6-string guitars, curved or flat.

This capo works best if there is enough tension pressing down on the strings. This can be achieved in several ways depending upon a couple of factors. The size of the neck is important, but also you must understand that the capo you have, due to its design cannot provide a continuous level of tension. As it uses holes in the strap, If you choose a hole too loose then there will not be enough tension in the elastic strap to provide the down pressure required. The second factor is the shape of the fingerboard. Due the nature of the materials that make up this capo there is a level of distortion that can accommodate some curvature, but not loads. If the neck of your guitar is particularly curved then the strings at the extremities of your fingerboard may not be sufficiently covered. The third point is where you position the capo. If you imagine that the capo is a moveable nut, the best position to place the capo is right behind the fret, not in the middle as this will allow string buzz. Finally, once the capo is in place it is always advisable to retune because depending upon the tension of the capo, the gauge of string and the size of your frets, placing a capo on the guitar can cause the strings to stretch and thus become sharp in pitch.

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