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Gretsch GBK-131624-SC

The classic Gretsch kit has returned. Between the 1920's and 1950's, the flagship Gretsch drum kit was the Broadkaster. Crafted from three alternating plies of Maple, Poplar and Maple steam bent to form a straight-sided shell, it delivered the classic warm, woody tone that would come to be widely praised as 'the Gretsch sound'.

Fast forward to present day and we see the Broadkaster return with the hallmarks of its classic predecessor and more. Gretsch's master craftsmen apply modern day advanced drum making techinques to the classic recipe, in Gretsch's oldest drum manufacturing facility in Ridgeland, South Carolina. The interior-ply scarf joint makes the thin, musical shells strong enough to stand up to the day-to-day rigours of the modern musician and each shell is finished with a reverse roundover bearing edfe, increasing the surface contact between the bearing edge and the drumhead for increased resonance and a deep, warm tone. The drum is then finished with sleek aesthetic features such as the classic Gretsch "Silver Sealer" interior and and internal shell label that identifies the drum shell model number and serial number, along with a high-quality lacquered or wrapped finish. 



  • 12 x 9" Rack Tom
  • 16 x 16" Floor Tom
  • 20 x 16" Bass Drum

3 ply Gretsch formula Maple/Poplar hybrid shells with reverse roundover bearing edges, single flanged hoops, chrome hardware and Gretsch's famous 'Silver Sealer' interior. This is a shell pack only - it includes no hardware except for the tom holders. Broadkaster kits are available with two different hardware packages, standard and vintageThis kit features the 'Standard' hardware build. The 'Vintage' hardware build is available to special order via phone - 0121 643 1685. The Standard hardware package includes heavy-duty Gretsch lugs, spurs and straight-sided GTS tom suspension typical to Gretsch USA Custom and Brooklyn kits. The Vintage hardware package features hardware component styles used on 1950s-era Gretsch kits, including drum mufflers, floor tom leg brackets, Rail Consolette tom holder, spurs, bass drum T-rods, throw-off, key holder and Remo® Fiberskyn bass drum logo heads.

Broadkaster toms and snare drums are outfitted with Gretsch’s “302” 3.0mm, double flanged steel hoops. These hoops are similar to “Stick Chopper” hoops used in the 1950s, but are constructed from a heavier gauge steel to stand up to today’s more assertive playing styles. The 302 hoop helps create a more open tone than a die-cast hoop and adds ambient overtones to the overall tonal characteristic.

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