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New Guitar and Piano Megastore details

Posted on Saturday May 20, 2017

Hello there Fair Deal Music family and friends. In case you’ve missed the big exciting news we, as a company, have expanded.  We’ve relocated our Guitar and Pianodepartments into a ginormous new setting 400 yards from the Fair Deal Music store you all know and love on Smallbrook Queensway. Whilst the Queensway store will remain open to house the expansion of our Pro Audio a... Read more

Moog Model D....It's back and we have one!

Posted on Tuesday February 14, 2017

Moog Model D…..It’s back!The Model D is back! Moog have decided to reproduce this classic in strictly limited numbers and all lovingly hand-built in their Ashville, North Carolina factory. Artists such as Herbie Hancock, Trent Reznor, Gary Numan, Dr Dre (he’s not a real Dr.) and film maker John Carpenter (again, not a real…) have forged new sonic territory using the Model D over ... Read more

Fair Deal Music: The BIG expansion

Posted on Friday February 03, 2017

We may have mentioned this once or twice since the turn of the year but here it goes again. It’s our 30th birthday this year. To celebrate 3 decades as part of the musical instrument retail industry we have some very, very exciting news to announce.  After 30 years of providing expert, personal and friendly service to a huge amount of musicians, not just in Birmingham but all over... Read more