Natal Originals Maple 4pc 22" Shell Pack, Black w/ Blue Sparkle Inlay

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Natal Originals Maple 4pc 22" Shell Pack, Black w/ Blue Sparkle Inlay

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The Natal Originals Maple 4pc 22" Shell Pack is a high-quality kit from Natal and is part of the Originals Maple range. The kit boasts high-quality 7-ply maple shells with black nickel hardware and a stunning black and blue sparkle split lacquer finish. The kit features a 4-piece configuration with a bass drum, a floor tom, and two rack toms, allowing you to expand the kit with high-quality add-on drums, holders, and cymbals if you choose. Ideal for use in the studio or on stage, with a wide range of drumming styles and genres, the Natal Originals Maple Shell Pack offers astonishing tone and quality, accompanied by a stunning design and aesthetic.


7-Ply Maple Shells

The Natal Originals Maple 4pc Shell Pack features high-quality 7-ply maple shells, offering a wealth of high-frequency sounds. The slightly reduced mid-range produces a bright, powerful tone with a strong projection which cuts to the forefront of any mix. Maple is favoured by studio engineers and recording artists as it is easy to work with in terms of miking and recording, making the kit ideal for stage and studio use alike. The Originals kit comes standard with Evans EMAD 2 bass drum heads and Evans Genera G2 coated tom heads. The bass drum heads have two plies of film, an outer ply of 7mil and an inner ply of 10mil. The film also provides an enhanced attack and focus whilst ensuring lasting durability. The G2 tom batter heads feature two plies of 7mil film, guaranteeing consistency throughout play. The perfect blend of depth, sustain and attack ensures you get an even sound during every performance.

High-Quality Design and Components

The Natal Originals Maple Shell Pack features Natal Original wood shells, comprised of quality tonewoods and 45-degree bearing edges, providing brighter overtones and effective sustain. The four-piece configuration features a 22" bass drum, 16" rack tom, and a 12" and 10" rack tom, giving you plenty of room for expansion with additional drums, holders and cymbals if you choose. The kit features high-quality black nickel hardware including classic Natal 'Sun' lugs, enhancing the durability of the shells whilst complementing the stunning black/blue sparkle finish.

Iconic Sun Logo

The Natal Original Maple features a heavy die-cast badge with an aluminium ball for enhanced durability. This not only shows the Natal name but also the iconic 'Sun' logo. In addition to the 'Sun' badge, each Natal Original bass drum carries a wood identification badge.

Ideal Foundation Setup

The Natal Originals Maple Shell Pack offers a foundation setup that can be finished with the hardware and cymbals of your choice and expanded with add-on drums and holders if you choose. When paired with high-quality cymbals, hardware and a snare, the Natal Originals Shell Pack offers a great experience for intermediate drummers, whilst offering all of the high-quality components and features that professional drummers demand.


  • 7-ply maple drum shells
  • Brushed nickel finish
  • Black with blue sparkle inlay finish
  • Natal sun lugs
  • Natal sun logo
  • Evans EMAD 2 bass drum heads
  • Evans Genera G2 coated tom heads


  • Bass Drum: 22" x 18"
  • Rack Tom 1: 12" x 7"
  • Rack Tom 2: 10" x 6.5"
  • Floor Tom: 16" x 14"

Please note: Cymbals, hardware and snare sold separately.

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