Sonor Select Force Jungle Shell Pack- Brown Galaxy Finish - 16x16" - 10x 8"- 14 x 12"


Sonor Select Force Jungle Shell Pack- Brown Galaxy Finish - 16x16" - 10x 8"- 14 x 12"
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Sonor SSFJ

Sonor Select Force Jungle Shell Pack


The SONOR Select Force series is the pinnacle of the new Force range. The Select series is a set for every drummer: designed especially for advanced and semi-professional drummers, Select Force Drum sets can also be an interesting alternative for professional drummers. A wide array of pre-configured sets, components and the very latest features from the professionals’ series make SONOR Select Force sets a real hit!


SONOR Select Force Maple Shell Design

The Maple shells deliver maximum strength, perfect curving and neutral tuning, due to the tension-free cross lamination of individual plies of wood (CLTF Cross Laminated Tension Free Process).


SONOR Select Force Shell Thicknesses

7 plies for bass drums = 7.2 mm

2.4 mm Canadian Maple + 2.4 mm Chinese Maple + 2.4 mm Canadian Maple

7 plies for snare drums, tom toms and floor toms = 5.8 mm

1.7 mm Canadian Maple + 2.4 mm Chinese Maple + 1.7 mm Canadian Maple

Short Tom Sizes – Full Sustain and Quick Response!

The SONOR Select Force tom toms with ‘short’ shells offer controlled sustain and give the drums a crisp attack.

Individual Components – For Enhanced Setups!

A large selection of individual components provide perfect add-ons for an even bigger performance – ideal for live gigs requiring multiple setups.


Bass Drum Mount – Smooth and Snug!

The standard Select Force series bass drum ships with a mount. The inner workings of the mount are built for a strong and secure base; thanks to a smooth yet firm application of pressure.


Pre-Muffled Bass Drum Heads – For Just the Right Kick!

Pre-muffled batter and resonance heads on the bass drum provide ‘allround’ powerful sounds and dynamic ‘kicks’. SONOR heads made by REMO.


Tuning Lugs with TuneSafe – Real Eye-Catchers, with SONOR Design!

The SONOR Select Force tuning lugs with fine-pitch threads are equipped with the TuneSafe feature, which prevents tension rods from loosening.


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