Zoom PFX-9003 Palmtop Guitar Personal Multi Effects Processor Tuner Sampler Second Hand

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Zoom PFX-9003 Palmtop Guitar Personal Multi Effects Processor Tuner Sampler Second Hand

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Zoom PFX-9003

Zoom PFX-9003 Palmtop Guitar Personal Multi Effects Processor Tuner Sampler Second Hand

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Never before have so many tools for the creative musician been encapsulated in such a compact, easy to operate micro-component. Amazing options for vocalists, guitarists, bassists and even sound designers are included in this remarkable little device. The PFX(palm effects)-9003 has dozens of guitar, bass and vocal effects built-in, as well as a drum machine, an incredible-sounding condenser mic, 30-second sampling memory, a chromatic tuner and more, all in a palm-sized package.

60 Effects, 7-Second Delay
Sixty kinds of effects for guitar, bass and vocals are included. There are drive-type effects using amp modeling, dynamic effects such as Compressor and Limiter, and modulation effects including vintage Wah, Chorus and Echo. Ambience effects such as 'Air' and 'Wide' enhance depth even using headphones. The delay module provides up to 7 seconds of delay, and delay-time can be synchronized to the built-in rhythm machine. Zoom's 'ZNR' noise reduction is also included. 

VAMSVariable Architecture Modeling System
VAMS is a hybrid technology that combines the advantages of analog distortion circuitry with advanced digital processing. It simulates 14 types of amp sounds plus 6 effect sounds with great accuracy. A cabinet simulator with adjustable speaker size and cabinet type further enhance flexibility. Line recordings have never been so easy or sounded so good.

ARRMAuto-Repeat Real-time Modulation
ARRM stands for Auto-Repeat Real-time Modulation and is a super-cool new feature found no where else. This feature allows the user to control modulation of expression effects (waves, like Wah, Chorus and Delay) without using the pedal. For example, the user can adjust Wah speed using the tempo control to sync it with a song, or a pattern on the internal drum-machine.

Built-in 30-Second Sampling
Use the input jack or the built-in mic to record your own playing, or plug a CD player into the AUX IN and sample up to 30 seconds. The 9003 then allows you to playback the sample at 1/4 speed, without changing the pitch. You can also loop the phrase for repeat play. 

Built-in Drum Machine
Perfect for writing and rehearsing, the integrated drum machine offers a choice of 60 standard patterns for various genres. The realistic PCM drum sounds are derived from the Zoom#s famous RhythmTrak drum machines. Tempo is easily and precisely controlled in real-time using the center fader or arrow keys.

60 Preset Patches, Plus Another 60 User Patches
A combination of effects used together is called a patch. The 60 factory preprogrammed patches are categorized into guitar, bass, and mic patches. All are quality effects that meet the demands of professional sound engineering. Patches that you have edited as well as your very own creations can be stored in the 60 slots of the user area. The patch swap function lets you easily rearrange patches to fit the requirements of a performance.

High-Sensitivity Condenser Mic
The PFX-9003 opens up all kinds of new creative possibilities for vocalists and acoustic instrument players. Zoom has developed an incredibly great-sounding tiny condenser microphone. The mic preamp can be set for one of five characteristics: flat, vocal, acoustic guitar, light distortion, or distortion. A high-pass filter helps remove the proximity effect. By mounting the PFX-9003 on a microphone stand with the optional adapter, you can use it as a mic with built-in effects.

Center Cancel Function
This function effectively cuts the main vocal or lead guitar track positioned in the center of a stereo mix. By canceling the center, the PFX 9003 becomes a Karaoke machine when connected to a CD Player. 

Versatile Tuner
The built-in auto-chromatic tuner automatically detects the nearest note. The Guitar/Bass tuner is also built-in that can be used for 7-string guitar or 5-string bass. Because notes are shown for each string, drop tuning, open chord tuning, and other unconventional tuning applications are made simple. The built-in mic even lets you tune acoustic instruments.

Friendly User Interface
Three sliders arranged on the top panel serve to quickly adjust drive gain, reverb mix, and other major patch parameters. The sliders also control patterns and tempo for the drum machine. The back-lit LCD is easy to read under all lighting conditions. 

Ultra-Compact Dimensions
The PFX-9003 micro-component easily slips into a shirt pocket, and weighs only a few ounces. The PFX-9003 has a 1/4 in. input for guitars and microphones, and a 1/4 in. output for amps or recording systems. The built-in mic also acts as a high-quality input for vocals or acoustic instruments. 1/8 in. AUX input is also included, as well as a 1/8 in. headphone output. 

With the optional belt clip, you can attach the PFX-9003 to your belt or guitar strap and take it anywhere. Zoom also makes an optional mic stand mount for vocalists who want to sing directly into the device. The 9003 is designed for long battery life, offering up to 6 hours continuous operation on one set of 4 AAA batteries. An optional AC adapter can also be used.

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