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Which Bluetooth speaker is best for me? Introducing the Marshall Classic Range

Which Bluetooth speaker is best for me? Introducing the Marshall Classic Range

First, let us begin with the Fair Deal Music recipe for perfect home audio:

  • Take about a half a teacup of Pete Townshend.
  • Add in a pound of Jimi Hendrix, four tablespoons of boiling hot Jeff Beck and half a pint of Joe Satriani.
  • Add in a little pinch of Angus Young, and stir vigorously with a bolt of lightning to taste.
  • Simmer on 11 for well over 55 years, and serve in a highly stylish and authentic Marshall design speaker.
  • Sit back and savour the perfect blend of Marshall home audio amplification.

If Rock and Roll was a stick of candy coloured rock, then running right through the centre of every piece would be stamped the name ‘Marshall’. Since the 1960's, the name Marshall has been synonymous with both innovation and innovators alike, and true to form, they have now shared their world class expertise with home audio lovers with the introduction of some new additions to their ever popular amp and speaker products.

The Marshall Classic Bluetooth range is comprised of three of the coolest looking wireless speakers around. Not only do these speakers embody the freedom of the '60's, unteathered by cables with their Bluetooth connectivity, but also display effortless chic whilst packing a sonic punch like Muhammad Ali after a six pack of Stella.

Comparing the Marshall Classic Bluetooth Speaker Range: Acton vs Stanmore vs Woburn

1. Marshall Acton Classic Bluetooth Speaker

The first member of the group is the Acton, which incidentally was the birthplace in London of the great man himself, Jim Marshall O.B.E. Weighing in at a mere 3Kg this giant killer boasts an impressive spec sheet. With a 30W woofer and a pair of 10W tweeters, this beast kicks out an impressive maximum sound pressure level of 103dB @ 1 m which is akin to having a power mower in your lounge. The Acton classic is not just about volume though, with a frequency range of 50 – 20,000 Hz, the Acton gives life to any style of music.


Marshall Stanmore Classic Bluetooth Speaker

2. Marshall Stanmore Classic Bluetooth Speaker

The big brother of the Acton is the Stanmore. Amongst many other charitable activities, Jim Marshall donated millions of pounds to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore, London, where he was treated for tuberculosis as a child. Like Jim, the Stanmore Classic has both power and determination of will. With a 50W woofer and two 15W tweeters this speaker has enough headroom to fill the warehouse I'm composing this blog from right now. Its compact design allows it to sit comfortably on a bookshelf and offers options of Bluetooth or wired connectivity to enable you to plug in and play in addition to charging your phone, or dance around your home in your underwear whilst still getting your fix of your favourite tunes.


Marshall Woburn Classic Bluetooth Speaker

3. Marshall Woburn Classic Bluetooth Speaker

The Hulk of the Marshall Classic speaker trio is the Woburn. As with the Acton and Stanmore the Woburn's brass control panel sports three rotary controls; volume, bass and treble, along with the source selector and indicator lights. The Woburn, whilst not designed to be a portable outdoor speaker, it is enhanced by the additional option of connecting digitally via an optical cable. Hook your Woburn up to your TV, Apple TV, Airport express, hard disk player, streaming play, satellite or cable receiver (or death star) to get the most out of your tech. At 90W RMS your neighbours can also enjoy your Michael Bolton bootlegs at three in the morning from miles away, so it’s a win/win situation all round.


In summary Marshall have brought out three killer products that not only look cool but deliver too. In the immortal words of Linda Ellerbee, 'styles change but style doesn't' and that definitely applies here. Whether you are looking to purchase your first Bluetooth enabled audio speaker, enhance your home audio experience with new kit or are looking for a gift for a music lover – the Marshall Classic speaker range has the perfect product for you.

The Marshall Woburn Classic Speaker