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Epiphone Les Paul Standard with EMG Select Pickups, USED

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Epiphone Les Paul with Select Pickups: Unleash Your Sonic Potential

Elevate your playing experience with the Epiphone Les Paul featuring Select Pickups—an iconic guitar enhanced for a new level of tone and versatility.

Classic Les Paul Design, Upgraded Sound

The timeless design of the Epiphone Les Paul meets a sonic upgrade with the addition of Select Pickups. This combination promises the classic aesthetic you love, now infused with a powerful and dynamic tonal range.

Versatile Select Pickups

Installed with precision, the EMG Select Pickups are designed to offer versatility across genres. From searing leads to warm, resonant cleans, these pickups deliver the nuanced tones that every guitarist craves.

Enhanced Sustain and Articulation

Experience improved sustain and articulation as the Select Pickups capture every detail of your playing style. Whether you're exploring soulful blues or rocking out with high-gain distortion, these pickups respond with clarity and definition.

Smooth Playability, Classic Feel

The Epiphone Les Paul with Select Pickups retains the smooth playability and comfortable feel that players love. The familiar neck profile and well-crafted fretboard ensure an effortless playing experience, making it an ideal instrument for both beginners and seasoned players.

Quality Craftsmanship, Reliable Performance

Epiphone's commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of this guitar. From the carefully selected tonewoods to the precise installation of the Select Pickups, each element is crafted for reliability and longevity.

Upgrade Your Sound, Inspire Your Playing

Whether you're stepping into the spotlight or honing your skills in the studio, the Epiphone Les Paul with Select Pickups is your ticket to a world of enhanced sonic possibilities. Upgrade your sound, inspire your playing, and make a statement with this meticulously crafted instrument.

Select Your Signature Sound

Unleash the full potential of your playing with the Epiphone Les Paul featuring Select Pickups. Discover a new dimension of tone, playability, and expression. Order yours today and take your musical journey to the next level.