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Win A Boss Katana 50 MKII - ENTER NOW

ESP LTD MH-1007 QM Black Fade, USED

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**Unleash Sonic Excellence with the ESP LTD MH-1007 QM: Precision and Power in a Mesmerising Quilted Maple Finish**

Prepare to be captivated by the ESP LTD MH-1007 QM, a guitar that marries precision craftsmanship with powerful performance. Meticulously designed and crafted by ESP, this 7-string guitar is a sonic powerhouse, featuring a mesmerizing quilted maple top that adds a touch of visual elegance to its dynamic capabilities. Immerse yourself in the world of high-performance guitars with the MH-1007 QM.

**Key Features:**

**Striking Quilted Maple Top:**
The MH-1007 QM features a striking quilted maple top that not only enhances the guitar's visual appeal but also adds a layer of depth to its tone. The quilted maple's distinct figuring contributes to the instrument's premium aesthetic.

**Mahogany Body with Comfort Contours:**
Crafted with a mahogany body, the guitar delivers a rich and resonant tone with a pronounced midrange. The body's comfort contours provide a sleek and ergonomic playing experience, ensuring that the MH-1007 QM is both sonically and physically enjoyable.

**Fast and Comfortable Thin U Neck Profile:**
The thin U neck profile offers a fast and comfortable playing experience, facilitating smooth transitions across the fretboard. Whether you're executing intricate solos or playing complex chords, the neck profile enhances overall playability.

**Quartersawn Maple Neck and Rosewood Fingerboard:**
The quartersawn maple neck adds stability and durability to the guitar, while the rosewood fingerboard provides warmth and clarity. The combination of these tonewoods ensures a balanced sonic palette and a smooth playing surface.

**24 Extra Jumbo Frets:**
The 24 extra jumbo frets on the MH-1007 QM offer extended playing range and easy access to higher registers. This feature caters to players who enjoy exploring the entire fretboard with precision and ease.

**EMG Active Pickups:**
Equipped with EMG active pickups, the MH-1007 QM delivers a high-output and articulate tone. The EMG 707 in the neck position and the EMG 81-7 in the bridge position provide the guitar with the power and clarity needed for aggressive playing styles.

**Three-Way Pickup Selector Switch:**
The three-way pickup selector switch allows you to navigate between the neck and bridge pickups, offering flexibility in shaping your tone. Whether you're aiming for warm cleans, crunchy rhythm tones, or searing lead sounds, the MH-1007 QM has you covered.

**Floyd Rose 1000 Series Bridge:**
The Floyd Rose 1000 Series bridge adds stability and expressive possibilities to your playing. Dive bombs, squeals, and other tremolo effects are easily achievable, providing a dynamic edge to your sonic explorations.

**Grover Tuners:**
Equipped with Grover tuners, the MH-1007 QM ensures precise and stable tuning. Whether you're bending notes or utilising the tremolo system, the guitar stays in tune, allowing you to focus on your performance.

**Black Nickel Hardware:**
The black nickel hardware complements the guitar's aesthetic, adding a sleek and modern touch to its overall design. From the tuners to the bridge, each component contributes to the guitar's cohesive and stylish appearance.

**The ESP LTD MH-1007 QM is not just a guitar; it's a statement of precision, power, and visual elegance. With its quilted maple top, high-performance features, and aggressive tonal capabilities, this 7-string guitar invites you to push the boundaries of your playing. Elevate your sonic journey with the ESP LTD MH-1007 QM and experience the fusion of style and substance.**