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Fender Kingman Electro Acoustic Bass, USED

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Introducing the Fender Kingman Bass – Acoustic Warmth, Classic Design, and a Deep Resonant Groove.

Acoustic Grandeur: The Fender Kingman Bass isn't just an instrument; it's a portal to a world of acoustic grandeur. This bass guitar embraces the rich warmth and deep resonance of an acoustic body, offering a sonic experience that fills the room with a distinctive character. Whether you're laying down the foundation for an acoustic ensemble or exploring new sonic territories, the Kingman Bass is your acoustic companion.

Classic Fender Design: Step into the realm of classic Fender design with the Kingman Bass. This guitar isn't just a piece of gear; it's a visual statement that pays homage to Fender's legacy of iconic aesthetics. From the striking headstock to the classic body shape, it's not just a bass; it's a timeless representation of Fender's design excellence.

Jumbo Body for Full Sound: The Kingman features a jumbo body that contributes to its full, resonant sound. Whether you're playing fingerstyle, using a pick, or incorporating slap techniques, the jumbo body ensures a robust and well-rounded tone. It's not just a bass; it's a canvas for sonic expression.

Versatile Electronics: Equipped with versatile electronics, the Kingman Bass allows you to shape your sound for various playing styles. Whether you prefer the natural acoustic tone or want to plug in for amplified performance, the onboard electronics provide flexibility without compromising the instrument's acoustic integrity. It's not just a bass; it's a tool for sonic exploration.

Comfortable Neck Profile: The comfortable neck profile of the Kingman Bass ensures a smooth and enjoyable playing experience. Whether you're navigating through intricate basslines or holding down the groove, the neck profile supports your playing style. It's not just a bass; it's an extension of your musical expression.

Fishman Electronics for Stage-Ready Performance: Featuring Fishman electronics, the Kingman Bass is stage-ready and equipped for live performances. Whether you're playing in an intimate acoustic setting or rocking out on a bigger stage, the Fishman electronics ensure that your bass cuts through the mix with clarity and precision. It's not just a bass; it's a reliable companion for live gigs.

Maple Neck and Rosewood Fingerboard: The combination of a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard adds to the Kingman's tonal versatility. The maple neck provides clarity and snap, while the rosewood fingerboard adds warmth and smooth playability. It's not just a bass; it's a harmonious blend of tonewoods that cater to a variety of musical styles.

Stylish Sunburst Finish: The stylish sunburst finish isn't just an aesthetic choice; it's a visual representation of the Kingman's sonic warmth. The sunburst adds a touch of vintage charm to the bass, making it an eye-catching instrument on any stage. It's not just a bass; it's a visual masterpiece that complements its sonic prowess.

Crafted with Precision: Crafted with precision by Fender, the Kingman Bass reflects the brand's commitment to quality and excellence. It's not just a bass; it's a testament to the craftsmanship that has made Fender a trusted name in the world of guitars and basses.

Your Acoustic Groove Companion: Whether you're a seasoned bassist or just starting your musical journey, the Fender Kingman Bass is your acoustic groove companion. It's not just a bass; it's an invitation to explore the world of acoustic warmth and create your own sonic legacy.

Ready to Groove, Ready to Shine: Are you ready to lay down deep resonant grooves with a bass that embraces acoustic warmth? The Fender Kingman Bass is here to guide you. It's not just a bass; it's your partner in sonic exploration. Plug in, play on, and let the acoustic tones resonate. Groove on!