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Ibanez GA35TCE Electro Classical in Dark Violin Burst, USED

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The Ibanez GA35TCE Electro Classical in Dark Violin Burst is a sophisticated and versatile nylon-string guitar that combines traditional classical design with modern features and electronics. Whether you're performing on stage or practicing at home, this guitar offers exceptional playability, tone, and versatility to suit a wide range of musical styles and preferences.

Key Features:

1. Classical Body Shape: The GA35TCE features a traditional classical body shape, which is known for its comfortable playability and balanced tonal characteristics. The body is slightly smaller than a standard acoustic guitar, making it easier to hold and play for extended periods.

2. Spruce Top with Mahogany Back and Sides: The guitar boasts a spruce top with mahogany back and sides, which deliver a warm and rich sound with excellent projection and clarity. The combination of tonewoods provides a well-balanced sonic profile that is suitable for a variety of musical genres.

3. Cutaway Design: The GA35TCE features a Venetian cutaway design, allowing for easy access to the higher frets. This feature is especially beneficial for lead playing and soloing, enabling you to explore the entire range of the fretboard with ease.

4. Fishman Sonicore Pickup and AEQ210TF Preamp: Equipped with a Fishman Sonicore pickup and AEQ210TF preamp, the GA35TCE delivers exceptional amplified sound with natural warmth and clarity. The preamp features onboard controls for volume, bass, and treble, allowing you to fine-tune your tone to suit your preferences.

5. Built-In Tuner: The preamp also includes a built-in tuner, making it easy to keep your guitar in tune at all times. The tuner is conveniently located on the preamp panel, allowing for quick and accurate tuning adjustments on the fly.

6. Dark Violin Burst Finish: The GA35TCE sports a stylish Dark Violin Burst finish, which adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to its appearance. The rich, deep hues of the finish enhance the guitar's visual appeal, making it a striking instrument on stage and in the studio.

7. Classical-Inspired Aesthetics: The GA35TCE features classical-inspired aesthetics, including a rosette design, decorative binding, and pearloid classical tuners. These design elements pay homage to the rich heritage of classical guitar craftsmanship while incorporating modern features for enhanced performance and playability.

Overall, the Ibanez GA35TCE Electro Classical in Dark Violin Burst is a versatile and elegant guitar that offers exceptional tone, playability, and versatility. Whether you're a classical guitarist, fingerstyle player, or singer-songwriter, this guitar is sure to inspire you with its beautiful sound and stunning aesthetics.