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PRS SE Santana Santana Yellow Korean Made, USED

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PRS SE Santana Yellow: Elevate Your Sound with Iconic Style

Experience the vibrant tones and striking aesthetics of the PRS SE Santana Yellow. Crafted in homage to the legendary guitarist Carlos Santana, this guitar delivers a perfect blend of style, playability, and Santana's signature tone.

The SE Santana Yellow features the classic PRS double-cutaway design with a stunning yellow finish, paying homage to Santana's iconic style. The lightweight and contoured mahogany body ensures comfort during long playing sessions.

Equipped with SE Santana "S" pickups, this guitar captures the essence of Santana's soulful sound. The pickups deliver a perfect balance of warmth and bite, making it ideal for everything from smooth jazz to blistering rock solos.

The wide-thin maple neck with a rosewood fretboard provides effortless playability, allowing you to navigate the frets with ease. The iconic bird inlays add a touch of elegance to the fretboard, while the 24.5" scale length contributes to a comfortable feel.

Built with precision and attention to detail, the PRS SE Santana Yellow reflects the high standards of PRS craftsmanship. The reliable hardware, including a tremolo bridge, ensures tuning stability and durability for both studio sessions and live performances.

Whether you're playing melodic leads or rhythm chords, the SE Santana Yellow offers a versatile tonal palette. From smooth, creamy cleans to powerful, overdriven tones, this guitar adapts to your playing style with finesse.

Make a statement with the eye-catching yellow finish that not only adds visual appeal but also reflects the vibrant personality of Santana's music. This guitar is a bold expression of style and substance.

Inspired by the legendary Carlos Santana, the PRS SE Santana Yellow invites you to unleash your musical passion. With its distinctive looks, powerful pickups, and effortless playability, this guitar is a tribute to Santana's enduring influence on the world of music. Elevate your sound and stage presence with the PRS SE Santana Yellow.