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Spring Bank Holiday SALE Now On - Click For Deals!

Natal Cajon Large Black Natural Snare Wire

Original price £79.00
Current price £63.00

The Natal Cajon offers a fully adjustable snare and produces a powerful, punchy sound.

The Cajon has its origins in Peruvian music where it was adopted by Spanish musicians and used extensively in Flamenco music. Modern musicians have started to incorporate the instrument into their sound and it is now very popular with percussionists and drummers for acoustic sets or stripped down performances.

The Cajon produces a wide range of sounds from very deep bass, right up to a high pitched crack. This makes it an ideal substitute for a full drum kit when a small, quiet, and portable solution is needed.

The Natal cajon is based on the traditional instrument but also incorporates modern features such as fully adjustable snare tension, textured top surface for grip, and large rubber feet for a stable base. Expertly hand crafted, the Natal Cajon offers the best workmanship and sound for a price any player can afford.