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1983 Fender Precision Elite II in Natural Finish, USED

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Introducing the 1983 Fender Precision Elite II in Natural Finish: Vintage Vibes, Timeless Tone

Step back in time and experience the iconic sound and style of the 1980s with the Fender Precision Elite II. Crafted in 1983, this vintage bass guitar embodies the essence of an era while delivering the classic tone and playability that Fender instruments are renowned for.

Key Features:

1. Vintage Appeal: The Fender Precision Elite II boasts a sleek and timeless design that epitomises the aesthetics of the 1980s. With its natural finish, contoured body, and striking white pickguard, this bass exudes vintage charm and retro cool.

2. Innovative Electronics: Equipped with Fender's innovative active electronics system, the Precision Elite II offers a wide range of tonal possibilities. The onboard active electronics allow for precise control over your sound, with a tone assign switch and tone control shaping your sound to perfection.

3. Versatile Pickup Configuration: The Precision Elite II features a unique pickup configuration, with two high-output split-coil pickups delivering powerful, punchy tones with ample sustain. Whether you're laying down a deep groove or cutting through the mix with aggressive basslines, this bass provides the versatility you need for any musical situation.

4. Comfortable Playability: Designed for maximum playability and comfort, the Precision Elite II features a slim and fast maple neck with a comfortable C-shaped profile. The rosewood fingerboard offers smooth playability and excellent fretting-hand comfort, allowing you to navigate the fretboard with ease.

5. Vintage Tone: With its solid ash body and maple neck, the Precision Elite II delivers the classic Fender tone that has been cherished by bassists for decades. From warm, rounded lows to crisp, articulate highs, this bass delivers the iconic sound that helped define countless hit records of the 1980s.

6. Excellent Condition: This 1983 Fender Precision Elite II is in excellent condition for its age, with minimal signs of wear and tear. The original hardware and electronics are in perfect working order, ensuring that this vintage instrument performs as well as it did the day it left the factory.

7. Collector's Item: As a vintage Fender bass from the early 1980s, the Precision Elite II holds both historical and collector's value. Whether you're a seasoned musician looking for a unique addition to your collection or a discerning collector seeking a piece of musical history, this bass is sure to impress.

Experience the nostalgia and sonic versatility of the 1983 Fender Precision Elite II in Natural Finish. With its vintage vibe, innovative electronics, and timeless tone, this bass guitar offers a piece of musical history that is as relevant today as it was in the 1980s.