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Adam T5V Active Studio Monitor (Single)

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FEATURES New U-ART 1.9” Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter New polypropylene 5” woofer and rear-firing bass-reflex port Max. peak SPL at 1 m per pair: 106 dB Built-in Amplifiers: 2 x Class-D Amplifier Power U-ART Tweeter: 20 W [RMS] Amplifier Power Woofer: 50 W [RMS] Frequency Response: 45 Hz – 25 kHz Crossover Frequency: 3 kHz Analog Inputs: XLR, RCA H x W x D: 298 mm x 179 mm x 297 mm [11.7“ x 7“ x 11.7“] Weight: 5,7 kg [12.6 lbs] Warranty: 2 years plus 3 years upon product registration in the MyADAM user area

The T Series is ADAM Audio's latest range of active 2-way studio monitors, assuring high-performance, professional-grade monitoring. Each model uses ADAM's outstanding U-ART (Unique Accelerated Ribbon Tweeter) high-frequency drivers seen in their previous AX range. The study cabinet design and rear ported bass reflex propel a sophisticated design that boasts quality. Featuring an inbuilt DSP-controlled crossover and EQ, with multi-way rear analog connections. The T5V is a two way, highly affordable nearfield monitor optimized for small control rooms. The T5V features a 5” woofer with a bass extension down to 45 Hz, while ADAM's reputable tweeter provides a pristine high-frequency response up to 25 kHz. The U-ART tweeter is waveguide fitted with the same dispersion-control attributes seen in ADAM Audio’s flagship S Series studio monitors and their use of the high-frequency Propagation (HPS) waveguide. Waveguide’s highly orderly diffusion of high frequencies (HF's) provides an incredibly wide sweet spot, meaning you're not confined to a small 'sweet' space and can move more freely while mixing. The rear side of the T5V’s beveled cabinet features a rear-facing bass port that joins a sturdy metal backplate that’s home to the analog input connectors. A 20 W Class-D amp powers the U-ART tweeter, while a 50 W Class-D amp serves the woofer, with an impressive maximum of 106dB SPL per pair. The high dynamic range and wide frequency response, excellent transient response, extended sweet spot and small footprint make the T7V an ideal match for use in a small control room – fit for modest budgets that many facilities need to work with. If you need to hear more low-end, the T5V is also compatible with both the ADAM Sub7 and Sub8 subwoofers. Excellent acoustic characteristics, refined dimensions and a superb cost/performance ratio make this monitor ideal for use in most situations, whether it's music, video or broadcast production.