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Akai Professional G Drive, USED

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**Akai Professional G Drive: Unleash Sonic Precision with Double Graphic EQ and Distortion**

The Akai Professional G Drive Double Graphic EQ and Distortion pedal is a powerhouse of sonic sculpting, meticulously designed to provide guitarists with unparalleled control over their tone. This pedal combines the precision of a double graphic EQ with the raw power of distortion, offering a versatile solution for players who demand total command over their sound.

**Key Features:**

1. **Dual Graphic EQ:**
- The G Drive features two independent graphic EQs, allowing precise adjustment of frequency bands to shape your tone with surgical precision. Tailor the lows, mids, and highs to achieve the perfect sonic balance for your playing style.

2. **Versatile Distortion:**
- The built-in distortion circuit delivers a wide range of tones, from subtle overdrive to full-blown distortion. Whether you crave warm and bluesy breakup or searing high-gain leads, the G Drive has you covered.

3. **Intuitive Control Layout:**
- The pedal boasts an intuitive control layout, making it easy to dial in your desired settings. With dedicated knobs for EQ frequencies, level, and distortion, you have instant access to shaping your sound on the fly.

4. **LED Indicator:**
- LED indicator provide clear visual feedback, displaying the active status of both EQs and the distortion circuit. Stay informed about your pedal settings, even in low-light performance environments.

5. **Bypass Footswitch:**
- The true bypass footswitch ensures that the G Drive doesn't colour your tone when disengaged. Your signal remains pure and unaltered when the pedal is in bypass mode.

6. **Rugged Construction:**
- Housed in a robust and road-worthy enclosure, the G Drive is built to withstand the rigours of live performances and studio sessions. Its durability ensures that it's ready to handle the demands of the road.

7. **Powered by 9V DC:**
- The G Drive can be powered by a standard 9V DC power supply, making it compatible with most pedalboards and power setups.

8. **Endless Tonal Possibilities:**
- Whether you're a blues guitarist seeking smooth overdrive, a rock player in need of crunch, or a metal shredder craving high-gain mayhem, the G Drive's dual graphic EQ and distortion capabilities offer endless tonal possibilities.

**Craft Your Signature Sound:**

The Akai Professional G Drive Double Graphic EQ and Distortion pedal empowers guitarists to craft their signature sound with precision and versatility. Whether you're refining your tone in the studio or taking the stage, the G Drive ensures that your guitar sound stands out with clarity, definition, and the right amount of grit. Unleash your creativity and take control of your sonic destiny with the Akai Professional G Drive.