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Arturia RackBrute 3U

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Arturia Rackbrute 3U is a high powered, portable Eurorack case system, designed to perfectly integrate with an Arturia MiniBrute 2 or 2S synth, or operate standalone.

The RackBrute 3U from Arturia revolutionises the Eurorack world, providing you with an affordable yet high-end Eurorack case, designed to power, protect and store your favourite modules in one space. One of the most convenient features of the RackBrute is the ability to change the positioning of your modules with ease. The adjustable positioning means you can cater to any situation, from live performances where you may like to be stood over your rack gear; to cooking up sounds at home sat down. The adjustable positioning controls make it easier than ever to find a comfortable position to perform and play. It provides you with universal power with high-grade power ratings including the power supply that provides 1600mA +12V output, 1600mA -12V output and 900mA +5V output for maximum flexibility. It can also pack down easily for transport, making it easier than ever to take your favourite Eurorack modules on the road, in this all-in-on case.

Sturdy Aluminium Frame

The case itself not only provides you with universal power but is designed to protect and store your favourite modules for portable use. The frame itself is constructed from robust steel and aluminium, providing optimal durability whilst in use and on the move. The combination of solid housing and firm padding, provides the perfect balance between sturdy design and comfort. The handle on the RackBrute is comfortably padded for pain-free travel, allowing you to easily transport your rack case with ease. It is also easy to fold down when it comes to storing or travelling with the rack case. The case features a total width of 88HP, with 83HP of module space available when the power supply module is connected.

Link System

One of the most unique features of the Arturia RackBrute 3U is the Link System. The Link system allows you to connect to another RackBrute to expand your collection. It can also be used to link the RackBrute to other Arturia hardware synths such as the MiniBrute 2 or MiniBrute 2S, resulting in a full-blown modular synth system. This allows you to create the ultimate portable synth experience. It also features retractable spacers to prevent collisions while in transit. It also features status LEDs for visual monitoring, and features space to connect up to 20 modules in total (dependent on size).


  • Robust steel and aluminium frame.
  • Comfortable padded handle for pain-free travel
  • Beefy, acidic Steiner-Parker multimode filter.
  • Configurable layout to suit any style of play.
  • Power module: power supply with 1600mA +12V output, 1600mA -12V output and 900mA +5V output. 5HP width.
  • Space to connect up to 20 modules.
  • Link system: connect to another RackBrute to expand your collection, or MiniBrute 2 or MiniBrute 2S to create a full-blown modular synth creative EcoSystem.
  • Retractable Spacers to prevent collisions while in transit.
  • 88HP total width, 83HP available when power supply module is connected