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ASM Hydrasynth Desktop

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ASM Hydrasynth Desktop

Introducing the vastly powerful ‘Hydrasynth’ Desktop 8-voice polyphonic wave morphing synthesizer from ASM. The Hydrasynth Desktop boasts 8-voice polyphony, ‘Mutator’ waveshaping, and a 32-slot modulation matrix to deliver a genuinely revolutionary, virtual analogue synthesizer, for the revolutionary music producer. The Hydrasynth Desktop easily rivals the sonic capabilities of popular and renowned software synthesizer plug-ins, each of the Hydrasynths voices sports 3 WaveScan oscillators to offer an impressive 219 unique waveforms, with a total of 4 Mutators for unparalleled waveshaping potential. The Hydrasynth Desktop has near limitless capability for the creation of nuanced and nonlinear sounds – the 5 ADSR envelope generators offer delay and hold and can have either linear or exponential curves in between stages, whilst the 5 onboard LFO’s deliver upto 11 waveshapes plus delay, fade in and smoothing. Consider the 24 performance pads with polyphonic aftertouch, alongside CV/Gate connectivity, and the ASM Hydrasynth Desktop really does start to look like the innovative and versatile module your synthesizer setup has been patiently waiting for.



  • Digital Wave-Morphing Synthesizer 24 Touch- and velocity-sensitive pads 
  • 8 Voice polyphony - monotimbral 
  • Fully polyphonic aftertouch 
  • Arpeggiator includes Ratchet, Chance, Gate and Swing (8 modes in total) 
  • 3 Oscillators with 219 single-cycle waveforms 
  • WaveScan parameters for modulating via wavetables 
  • Wavelist mode for blending up to 8 wavetables 
  • 8 Custom Wavelists per oscillator 
  • Mixer includes Noise Generator and Ring Modulator 
  • 2 Filters: series or parallel 
  • Filter 1 includes 11 different filter models (12 & 24 dB Ladder, Ladder Vintage, HP, LP, Vocal, etc.) 
  • Filter 2: 12 dB (SEM-style) per octave, includes Continuous Sweep from lowpass, bandpass, up to highpass) 
  • Modulation matrix 5 DAHDSR envelopes 
  • 5 LFOs LFOs include Delay, Fade In, 3 Trigger Modes, Smoothing, Start Phase, One Shot Mode 
  • 5 Banks with 128 patches each - 256 of which are factory patches 
  • CV-Gate inputs and outputs 
  • Supports all common CV/GATE standards 
  • Clock input and output 
  • 8 High-resolution encoders, including LED rings 
  • USB (USB MIDI In/Out) 
  • MIDI: In/Out/Thru 
  • Pre- and post effects for unique s
  • ound editing possibilites 
  • Dimensions: 440 x 223 x 70 mm Weight: 3.6 kg