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Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah, USED

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The Boss AW-3, a dynamic and feature-rich auto-wah pedal that brings funky and expressive tones to your guitar playing. This AW-3 pedal is in great condition, with only some velcro on the bottom, indicating its previous use on a pedalboard.

The Boss AW-3 offers a wide range of auto-wah effects, allowing you to add dynamic filtering to your guitar's signal. From classic wah sounds to more modern and unique variations, this pedal opens up a world of expressive possibilities. Whether you're playing funk, rock, or any genre that requires dynamic and funky tones, the AW-3 has got you covered.

Despite the presence of velcro on the bottom, this second hand AW-3 pedal remains in excellent working condition. The velcro indicates that it has been securely attached to a pedalboard, ensuring stability during performances and rehearsals. It does not affect the overall functionality or sound quality of the pedal.

Equipped with various control knobs, including Sensitivity, Decay, and Manual, the AW-3 allows you to fine-tune the auto-wah effect to your liking. Additionally, the pedal features a built-in tempo control for syncing the effect to your desired rhythm.

Built with Boss's renowned durability and reliability, the AW-3 is designed to withstand the demands of regular use. Its rugged construction ensures it can handle the rigors of both the stage and the studio, making it a reliable tool for any guitarist.

Whether you're a funk aficionado, a creative experimentalist, or simply looking to add some expressive and dynamic tones to your playing, the second hand Boss AW-3 delivers the goods. Embrace the velcro on the bottom as a sign of its musical journey and let it inspire you to groove and create funky guitar sounds.


This pedal is in great condition, with only some velcro on the bottom.

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