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Boss FBM-1 Fender '59 Bassman, USED

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The Boss FBM-1 Fender '59 Bassman pedal is a versatile stompbox that faithfully emulates the legendary Fender Bassman amplifier from the late '50s. Designed in collaboration with Fender, this pedal captures the classic tube-driven sound and distinctive tonal characteristics of the iconic Bassman, allowing guitarists to achieve authentic vintage tones in a compact and convenient format.

Key Features:

1. Authentic Tube Amp Emulation: The FBM-1 pedal accurately replicates the warm, dynamic, and responsive tone of the Fender '59 Bassman amplifier, renowned for its rich cleans, creamy overdrive, and harmonically rich distortion. Whether you're seeking sparkling clean tones or gritty overdriven sounds, the FBM-1 delivers authentic tube amp emulation with exceptional fidelity and realism.

2. Three-Band EQ: The pedal features a three-band EQ with Bass, Middle, and Treble controls, allowing you to shape your tone to match the characteristics of the original Bassman amplifier. From scooped mids and punchy lows to sparkling highs, the EQ controls provide versatile tone shaping options to tailor your sound to suit different playing styles and musical genres.

3. Presence Control: In addition to the standard three-band EQ, the FBM-1 includes a Presence control that adjusts the high-frequency response of the pedal. This allows you to fine-tune the overall brightness and presence of your tone, adding clarity and definition to your sound or dialling in a warmer, smoother response.

4. Level and Gain Controls: The pedal features Level and Gain controls that allow you to adjust the overall output volume and the amount of overdrive/distortion, respectively. These controls provide additional flexibility for matching the pedal's output level to your amplifier and adjusting the amount of saturation to suit your playing dynamics and preferences.

5. Classic Fender Aesthetic: The FBM-1 pedal features a rugged and compact enclosure adorned with vintage Fender styling, including a retro-inspired control panel and classic Bassman logo. Its durable construction and top-mounted jacks make it easy to fit onto pedalboards and navigate on stage or in the studio, while its timeless design pays homage to the legendary Fender amplifiers of yesteryear.

6. Versatile Applications: Whether used as a standalone overdrive pedal, a tone-shaping tool, or a direct recording solution, the FBM-1 offers guitarists a wide range of applications. From achieving vintage amp tones at lower volumes to enhancing the sound of modern amplifiers and digital modeling systems, the FBM-1 provides unparalleled flexibility and sonic versatility.

7. Buffered Bypass Switching: The FBM-1 pedal features buffered bypass switching, ensuring that your guitar's natural tone remains unaffected when the pedal is disengaged. This preserves clarity and integrity in your signal chain, allowing for seamless integration with other pedals and maintaining transparency when bypassed.

Overall, the Boss FBM-1 Fender '59 Bassman pedal offers guitarists the authentic tube amp experience of the iconic Fender Bassman amplifier in a compact and versatile pedal format. With its faithful emulation, flexible tone shaping controls, and rugged construction, the FBM-1 is the perfect solution for achieving classic Fender tones with ease and convenience.