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Boss MT-2 Metal Zone, USED

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Introducing the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone, a pedal that unleashes the power of high-gain distortion and delivers a searing, aggressive, and crushing tone for guitarists who crave a heavier and more intense sound. Whether you're playing heavy metal, hard rock, or any genre that demands intense distortion, the MT-2 is your ticket to sonic mayhem and blistering solos.

The MT-2 is designed to push your sound to the extreme, offering an array of versatile distortion tones that can take your playing to new heights. With its four-band EQ, the pedal allows for precise and customizable shaping of your tone, from tight and focused low-end punch to scorching highs that cut through any mix. The Level control ensures that your volume remains consistent while you unleash the sonic fury.

Featuring Boss's cutting-edge technology, the MT-2 delivers high-gain distortion with exceptional clarity and definition. Its advanced circuitry ensures that your playing retains its articulation and detail, even with the most extreme settings. The MT-2's responsive dynamics allow you to express yourself with precision and control, whether you're chugging heavy riffs or shredding lightning-fast solos.

The MT-2 offers a wide range of distortion options to suit your playing style. From thick and chunky rhythm tones to searing leads with sustain for days, this pedal can dial in the aggressive and edgy sound that metal and hard rock guitarists crave. Whether you're seeking the classic "scooped" metal tone or a more mid-focused and tight sound, the MT-2's versatile EQ controls give you the power to shape your tone exactly how you envision it.

Built with Boss's renowned durability, the MT-2 is ready to handle the demands of the stage and the studio. Its rugged construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of heavy touring, rehearsals, and countless gigs without compromising its sound or performance. The compact size of the MT-2 makes it a perfect fit for any pedalboard setup, while its robust build quality guarantees years of reliable and intense performance.

Join the ranks of iconic guitarists who have relied on the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone to deliver bone-crushing and face-melting distortion. From classic metal anthems to modern heavy riffs, the MT-2 is the ultimate weapon for guitarists seeking aggressive and dominating tones. Unleash your inner metalhead and command the stage with the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone.


This pedal is in great condition, with no signs of damage.

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