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Yamaha In Store Event - Saturday 24th February - Click Here For More Info

CIOKS Adam Power Supply, USED

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Power up your pedalboard with the CIOKS Adam Power Supply – a compact and reliable solution designed to meet the diverse power requirements of your effects pedals. Crafted with precision engineering by CIOKS, the Adam provides a clean and efficient power source, ensuring that your pedals receive the optimal voltage and current for pristine performance.

Housed in a sleek and robust enclosure, the Adam Power Supply is built to withstand the rigors of the road while maintaining a compact footprint. Its thoughtful design includes a variety of power outlets, accommodating both standard 9V pedals and those with special voltage requirements.

Featuring a total of five isolated outlets, the Adam provides a noise-free power solution for your pedals, preventing ground loops and unwanted interference. The combination of 9V and 12V outlets, along with adjustable current settings, offers versatility to power a wide range of pedals, making it an ideal choice for any pedalboard setup.

With a built-in thermal fuse and short-circuit protection, the Adam Power Supply prioritizes the safety of your pedals and your setup. The unit is designed to deliver consistent and reliable power, ensuring that your pedals operate at their best.

Whether you're a gigging musician or a studio enthusiast, the CIOKS Adam Power Supply is your passport to a clean and efficient power distribution system. Simplify your pedalboard setup, eliminate noise, and power your pedals with confidence using the CIOKS Adam – where reliability meets versatility in a compact power solution designed to elevate your playing experience.