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Colorsound Swell, USED

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The Colorsound Swell pedal from the late 1970s is a straightforward and utilitarian volume pedal that offers a simple and effective solution to control the volume of a guitar signal. Here are the key details about this vintage pedal:

**Brand and History:**
- **Brand:** Colorsound, an English brand created by brothers Larry and Joe Macari in London in 1967.
- **Manufacturer:** Sola Sound, a company owned by the Macari brothers, based in Charing Cross Road.
- **Famous Pedal:** Colorsound is renowned for its classic Tone Bender fuzz pedal, notably used by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin.
- **Product Line:** Colorsound produced various effect pedals, often presented in brightly colored enclosures and sold through Macari’s Musical Exchange store.

**Colorsound Swell Pedal:**
- **Description:** The Swell pedal is a passive volume pedal, considered one of the simplest guitar effects.
- **Appearance:** The Swell is known for its plain appearance, often made in demure black or grey/silver.
- **Build:** The pedal is straightforward, consisting of just input and output with a passive 100K volume pot in between.
- **No Frills:** It lacks a switch, battery, or external power supply, providing a no-frills volume control solution.
- **Date and Collectability:** Vintage examples of the Swell are relatively common, and they are generally not considered particularly collectible or expensive.

**Specific Pedal Description:**
- **Year of Manufacture:** Late 1970s.
- **Condition:** Excellent overall condition, with minimal signs of use. A couple of minor paint chips on one corner.
- **Ownership:** One-owner pedal, suggesting careful use and maintenance.
- **Original Packaging:** Unusually, it comes with its original branded cardboard box, contributing to its protection over the years.
- **Functionality:** The pot works smoothly without any scratchiness, and the pedal operates as intended.

- **Use Cases:** The Swell pedal is effective for producing violin-like bowed sounds, particularly when used with fuzz, delay, and reverb effects.
- **Muting:** Can be used simply to mute the signal.

**Current Status:**
- **Ownership:** Macari’s of London still owns the Colorsound brand.
- **Availability:** The Swell pedal is not part of the current Colorsound lineup.

This vintage Colorsound Swell pedal, with its simplicity and effectiveness, remains a classic piece of guitar gear history, reflecting the straightforward yet impactful nature of early guitar effects.