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Dunlop 218 Tempered Heavy Glass Slide Medium Diameter/Short

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Looking for the perfect glass slide to accentuate your middle harmonics? Have you been using guitar slides for a while and are looking for a reliable slide? Or are you new to the world of guitar slides and are wondering which one to pick as your first slide? 

Try the Dunlop 218 Tempered Heavy Glass Slide with a Medium Diameter and Short size. 

Glass slides come in different shapes and thickness varieties and every musician has their own preference for the kind of slide they want. Dunlop’s tempered heavy glass slide stands out when compared to other slides in the market for many reasons. Let’s explore some of the features and uses of this glass slide to understand why it is loved and preferred by musicians across the globe.

Quality matters and the biggest reason why this glass slide ranks so highly among the music community is that it is manufactured by Dunlop. Dunlop has consistently been one of the largest manufacturers of music equipment and accessories, and its long-standing legacy is a testament to its great attention to quality. Just like every other Dunlop product, this glass slide has been made keeping in mind the preferences and desires of musicians, so that they can effortlessly go about creating the music they want. 

This glass slide is tempered and processed from high-quality boron silicate. While guitar slides are available in multiple materials such as metal and ceramic, glass continues to be one of the most used slides. This is because glass slides, such as this Dunlop slide, do not create the scraping sounds which metal slides tend to create while playing. The premium boron silicate of this glass slide ensures that you are able to play smoothly. Also, when compared to other materials, glass slides tend to be much lighter in weight and softer in feel. 

This glass slide has also been heat-treated and annealed, which is a very important detail to note. Through heat treatment and annealment, Dunlop makes it certain that the surface both inside and outside the tube is smooth, with no uneven lines or cracks. The flawless surface of this glass slide is quite a blessing for musicians who like to practice or play for long hours. 

This Dunlop 218 tempered heavy glass slide is medium/short in dimensions. This slide measures 20x29x51mm to be precise. The heavy thickness of this glass slide’s wall is a much-needed boon when one presses the slide against the guitar strings. The wall thickness makes this slide more secure when compared to slides with thin walls. 

This Dunlop glass slide is perfect for those who are seeking some warmer and thicker tones to accentuate their middle harmonics. This slide works well with both acoustic guitars as well as electric guitars, helping you seamlessly slide up and down on your fretboard.