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Dunlop Formula 65 Guitar Finger Board Care Kit JD6502

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Maintenance of your guitar is just as critical as an instrument's sound or playability of a new set of strings. Smooth and clean frets allow for optimal contact of strings for your instrument by improving the instrument's sound and playability. Dunlop System 65 Fingerboard Care kit makes it easy to maintain your instruments, fret, and fingerboards. This kit is specially made for a stringed instrument with natural, non-glossy, and dark fingerboards.

Your acoustic guitar needs some extra TLC, after enduring a long winter vacation and cold temperature along with low humidity. Even if you are not in that climate where winter catches up, your guitar and some basic instruments need to be back in tip-top shape with the changing seasons.

It’s important that your guitar needs some extra care when you play it now and then. It’s a good idea to clean your guitar after every time you play, that will prolong the life of your strings and keeps your fingerboard clean.

Sometimes your guitar needs extra care that shines your instrument when just a damp cloth is not enough. This care kit will remove gunk, fingerprints, and smudges and make it shine simultaneously. The Dunlop Formula 65 Fingerboard Care kit provides polish, fingerboard conditioner, and polishing cloth.

The Dunlop Formula 65 Fingerboard Care kit is ideal for acoustic, electric, classical, and bass guitar. To wipe away the dirt, grime, sweat, the Dunlop 6502 Fingerboard care kit includes 6524 Fingerboard Cleaner and Prep, 6532 Deep Conditioner Oil, Micro Fine fret polishing cloth, and 100% cotton polishing cloth with care instructions.

Here are a few steps to follow to use this cleaner:

In the maintenance system, Fingerboard Cleaner is the first step. The feel of your guitar can be affected by the unwanted dirt and residue that dwells on your instrument, this cleaner dissolves it.

Fingerboard Deep Conditioner oil is a premium product that replenishes your fingerboard with natural protective oil. The dark rich look out of your fingerboard is visible when the wood is conditioned with this product.