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Eden Bar Stool 30 Inch

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Bar stools look great in a modern home or a home with minimalist-urban decor. 

You should know what height, material, fabric, finish, etc. can look in your home. You should also check the space and understand the installation or the bar area in your home where the bar stools will fit in. 

A lot of people just think that there are only a few varieties available for the bar stools and often get overwhelmed when they are faced with a wide choice of stools available in the market. Here, we will help you understand the factors that will greatly enhance your shopping experience: 


The standard size is 26" or 30" which is perfect for people. 30" bar stools are usually put in when there is a raised eating surface ranging up to around 40 to 42 inch high. A majority of homes and apartments these days are built with a regular 36" high counter, with a back splash and raised eating area. Normally, if the eating area in your apartment/home is taller than your standard kitchen counter, then we suggest that you go for a 30" stool.

Arms & Back

If you plan on spending a lot of time on the stool then we suggest that you go for the stools with backs and arms. These will decrease the stress on your arms, back and shoulders and help you stay conveniently put in the stool while enjoying your luxury time. 

If you have limited floor space then we suggest that you go for armless stools. Arms end up adding around 3 to 6 inches to the comprehensive width of the bar stool and so covering more space! 

Backless stools are suitable when you require occasional extra seating and have an open floor plan.  

No of stools you should get

A majority of new homes and apartments are designed to accommodate up to 3 bar stools. If the counter is 6-foot-long then you can place 3 stools there. An 8-foot-counter can accommodate up to 4 bar stools. Get measurements done on your counter and then go shopping.

Metal or Wood

Wood bar stools are not as durable as metal ones. The welded metal bar stools surely offer a solution that wood stools don’t as the latter are more prone to problems. Wood is comparatively softer to steel so screws and joints become loosened up over time. 

Metal bar stools are welded at the joints and thus less prone to these screw loosening issues.


Go for pre-assembled stools and not the ready to assemble ones as you might have trouble putting it all together. The stools won’t cost you more than $100!

Finish and Fabric

Metal bar stools can be availed in dozens of finishes. Check for a powder-coated and baked on finish as these are more scratch resistant compared to the "spray painted" finishes. Also, these offer a more durable surface, in addition to being less damaged by cleaning products compared to a painted finish.

The Eden Bar Stool 30 Inch bar is as stylish and sturdy as they come. This has been developed using advanced materials like metal and plastics that offer an enhanced look and comfort. Eden has been known for its amazing products and has designed the best bar stool to enable people to enjoy games and barroom well.