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Engl Savage 120W MK1 Guitar Amp Head, USED

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**Unleash Sonic Fury with the Engl Savage 120W MK1 Guitar Amp Head**

Prepare for a sonic onslaught as you dive into the realm of high-gain heaven with the Engl Savage 120W MK1 Head. Engineered for the most discerning metal and rock guitarists, this amplifier head delivers a ferocious 120 watts of power and a searing tonal palette. From tight, articulate cleans to relentless high-gain distortion, the Savage MK1 stands as a testament to Engl's commitment to crafting premium amplifiers. Let's explore the key features that make the Engl Savage 120W MK1 a relentless force in the world of heavy guitar tones.

**Key Features:**

1. **120 Watts of Relentless Power:**
- The Savage MK1 boasts a formidable 120 watts of power, providing ample headroom for crystal-clear cleans and the ability to push the boundaries of gain for blistering high-gain tones. Whether in the studio or on stage, this amplifier head ensures your guitar cuts through with authority.

2. **Four-Channel Flexibility:**
- With four channels—Clean, Crunch, Soft Lead, and Heavy Lead—the Savage MK1 covers a vast tonal spectrum. From pristine cleans to classic crunch and soaring high-gain lead tones, each channel is meticulously voiced to deliver exceptional clarity and articulation.

3. **Savage Sound Shaping:**
- Fine-tune your tone with a versatile EQ section that includes Bass, Middle, and Treble controls. The onboard Presence knob allows you to shape the upper frequencies, providing control over the amp's overall brightness and attack.

4. **Master A/B for Channel Switching:**
- The Savage MK1 features a Master A/B function, allowing seamless switching between two master volume settings. This enables instant transitions between rhythm and lead volumes, offering dynamic control over your sound.

5. **Built-In Noise Gate:**
- Tame unruly noise and unwanted feedback with the built-in noise gate. The noise gate ensures that your high-gain tones remain tight and focused, even at extreme volume levels.

6. **Tube Tone Excellence:**
- The Savage MK1 is a tube-driven powerhouse, utilizing premium ECC83 (12AX7) and ECC82 (12AU7) tubes in the preamp stage for warm, rich overtones. The power amp section features EL34 tubes, known for their dynamic response and harmonic complexity.

7. **Power Soak for Variable Wattage:**
- Tailor the output power to suit your playing environment with the Power Soak control. Adjust the wattage from 20 to 120 watts, allowing you to achieve optimal tone and responsiveness at any volume level.

8. **Series FX Loop:**
- Integrate your favorite effects seamlessly into your signal chain with the series FX loop. The loop maintains the integrity of your tone while accommodating your preferred time-based and modulation effects.

9. **Built to Last:**
- Crafted with precision in Germany, the Engl Savage MK1 Head is built to withstand the demands of touring and studio use. The rugged construction ensures reliability, while the distinctive appearance reflects the amp's uncompromising attitude.

**Unleash Your Sonic Fury with Engl:**
- The Engl Savage 120W MK1 Head is a sonic beast that caters to the demands of modern guitarists seeking unparalleled high-gain tones. From tight rhythm chops to searing solos, this amplifier head stands as a testament to Engl's dedication to delivering uncompromising tube tone. Elevate your playing experience with the relentless power and precision of the Savage MK1.