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Fender Bassbreaker 15, USED

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**Experience Raw Power and Vintage Vibe with the Fender Bassbreaker 15: A Modern Amplifier with Classic Tones**

The Fender Bassbreaker 15 is a powerhouse of an amplifier that effortlessly combines modern features with the raw, vintage-inspired tones that guitarists crave. Meticulously crafted by Fender, this 15-watt amp delivers a sonic experience that spans from pristine cleans to gritty overdrives, making it a versatile companion for various playing styles. Immerse yourself in the classic-meets-modern world of the Bassbreaker 15.

**Key Features:**

**15 Watts of All-Tube Power:**
The Bassbreaker 15 packs 15 watts of pure tube power, providing an optimal balance between volume and responsiveness. This wattage is ideal for achieving power amp saturation at manageable volume levels, making it suitable for both stage and studio applications.

**Class A/B Circuitry:**
Built with Class A/B circuitry, the Bassbreaker 15 offers the dynamic and responsive feel associated with traditional tube amplifiers. Whether you're delicately picking arpeggios or digging into power chords, the amp responds with authenticity.

**Single 12-Inch Celestion V-Type Speaker:**
Featuring a single 12-inch Celestion V-Type speaker, the Bassbreaker 15 delivers a rich and articulate sound. The V-Type speaker complements the amp's voicing, providing a well-balanced response with a touch of vintage warmth.

**Three Distinct Gain Stages:**
The Bassbreaker 15 boasts three distinct gain stages, allowing you to explore a wide range of tones. From crystal-clear cleans to classic crunch and full-on overdrive, this amp covers the sonic spectrum with ease.

**Structure Control for Tonal Shaping:**
The Structure control on the Bassbreaker 15 allows you to adjust the amp's gain characteristics, providing tonal shaping flexibility. Dial in a tight and focused tone or open it up for a more loose and dynamic feel.

**Four-Position Contour Control:**
The four-position Contour control further shapes your sound, allowing you to fine-tune the frequency response of the amp. Experiment with different settings to achieve the perfect balance for your playing style.

**Built-In Spring Reverb:**
Immerse your sound in lush spring reverb with the built-in reverb control. The onboard spring reverb adds depth and dimension to your tone, whether you're playing clean passages or pushing the amp into overdriven territory.

**Effects Loop for Seamless Integration:**
The effects loop on the Bassbreaker 15 provides a seamless way to integrate your favourite pedals and rack effects. This feature ensures that your time-based effects maintain their clarity and integrity within the signal chain.

**Channel-Switching with Optional Footswitch:**
Switch between the amp's Normal and Gain channels with ease. For added convenience, connect an optional footswitch to toggle between channels during performances, allowing you to transition seamlessly between clean and overdriven tones.

**Compact and Portable Design:**
The Bassbreaker 15 maintains a compact and portable design, making it easy to transport to gigs, rehearsals, or studio sessions. Enjoy the convenience of a grab-and-go amplifier without compromising on tonal capabilities.

**Classic Fender Design Aesthetics:**
With its vintage-style pointer knobs, black "chicken head" control knobs, and textured black vinyl covering, the Bassbreaker 15 exudes classic Fender design aesthetics. The amp's visual appeal pays homage to the timeless look of iconic Fender amplifiers.

**The Fender Bassbreaker 15 is not just an amplifier; it's a sonic journey through the past and present of guitar tones. With its blend of vintage-inspired features and modern flexibility, this amp invites you to explore new sonic territories while staying true to the classic Fender sound. Elevate your playing experience with the versatility and raw power of the Fender Bassbreaker 15.**