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Fender Highway One Stratocaster MN, USED

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£795.00 - £795.00
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**Fender Highway One Stratocaster MN: The Road-Worn Warrior with Timeless Tone**

The Fender Highway One Stratocaster MN is a nod to the road warriors, a guitar that embraces the wear and tear of the journey while delivering the timeless tones that Stratocaster enthusiasts cherish. Crafted with the modern player in mind, this instrument from the Highway One series is a tribute to Fender's legacy of creating guitars that stand the test of time and stage.

**Key Features:**

1. **Alder Body with Tinted Transparent Green Finish:**
- The alder body, finished in a captivating Tinted Transparent Green, not only showcases the wood's natural grain but also adds a touch of vintage aesthetics. The transparent finish allows the wood to breathe, contributing to the guitar's resonance.

2. **Maple Neck with Modern "C" Profile:**
- The maple neck features a modern "C" profile, providing a comfortable and fast-playing experience. Whether you're navigating through chords or shredding solos, the neck's design caters to modern playing styles.

3. **Maple Fingerboard with 22 Medium-Jumbo Frets:**
- The maple fingerboard, adorned with 22 medium-jumbo frets, offers a bright and snappy tonal character. The frets facilitate smooth bending and enhance playability across the entire neck.

4. **Three Custom Alnico III Single-Coil Pickups:**
- The Highway One Stratocaster is equipped with three custom Alnico III single-coil pickups. These pickups deliver the classic Stratocaster tones, characterised by bell-like clarity, punchy midrange, and signature Strat chime.

5. **Vintage-Style Synchronised Tremolo Bridge:**
- The vintage-style synchronised tremolo bridge allows for expressive pitch modulation, letting you add subtle shimmers or dive-bomb effects to your playing. It's a quintessential feature for Stratocaster aficionados.

6. **Greasebucket Tone Circuit:**
- The Greasebucket tone circuitry allows you to roll off highs without adding extra bass, providing tonal control while maintaining clarity. It's a versatile feature that adds sonic flexibility to your playing.

7. **Standard Cast/Sealed Tuners:**
- The standard cast/sealed tuners ensure reliable tuning stability, making it easy to keep your guitar in tune during intense performances and extended playing sessions.

8. **Aged Plastic Parts and Distressed Hardware:**
- Aged plastic parts and distressed hardware give the Highway One Stratocaster its road-worn appearance, capturing the essence of a well-traveled and well-loved instrument.

9. **Modern 2-Point Tremolo System:**
- The modern 2-point tremolo system enhances stability and tuning precision, making it a reliable tool for players who enjoy incorporating tremolo effects into their playing.

**Embrace the Journey, Unleash the Tone:**

The Fender Highway One Stratocaster MN is more than just a guitar; it's a companion for the modern player who values the character that comes with a well-played instrument. Whether you're on the road, in the studio, or on the stage, this Stratocaster stands ready to deliver the iconic tones that have made the Strat a cornerstone of musical history. With the Highway One Stratocaster, Fender invites you to embrace the journey, wear your guitar with pride, and unleash the timeless tones that only a road-worn Stratocaster can provide.