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Fender Stratocaster Player in White, USED

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**Elevate Your Playing with the Fender Stratocaster Player in White: A Timeless Icon in a Modern Hue**

Immerse yourself in the classic tones and versatile playability of the Fender Stratocaster Player, presented in an elegant White finish. Meticulously crafted by Fender, this iconic guitar pays homage to the timeless design of the Stratocaster while incorporating modern features for today's players. Unleash your creativity with the Player Stratocaster in White.

**Key Features:**

**Iconic Stratocaster Design:**
The Player Stratocaster features the iconic double-cutaway body shape, contoured edges, and a trio of single-coil pickups that have defined the Stratocaster's legacy for decades. This design provides comfort, playability, and access to a wide range of tones.

**Alder Body Construction:**
Crafted from alder, the body of the Player Stratocaster contributes to a balanced and resonant tone. Alder is known for its clarity and versatility, making it suitable for various playing styles and musical genres.

**Maple Neck with Modern "C" Profile:**
The maple neck features a modern "C" profile, offering a comfortable and fast-playing experience. Whether you're bending notes, playing chords, or executing solos, the neck design enhances overall playability.

**Pau Ferro Fingerboard:**
 Pau ferro fingerboard offering distinct tonal characteristics. The pau ferro imparts a slightly warmer and rounder sound providing a bright and snappy tone.

**22 Medium Jumbo Frets:**
With 22 medium jumbo frets, the Player Stratocaster allows for expressive playing and easy bending. The frets provide a comfortable playing surface for both rhythm and lead playing styles.

**Player Series Alnico 5 Pickups:**
Equipped with Player Series Alnico 5 pickups, the Stratocaster delivers the classic, bell-like tones associated with Fender guitars. These pickups offer a balanced and articulate sound, providing the versatility to explore various musical genres.

**5-Way Pickup Selector Switch:**
The 5-way pickup selector switch allows you to access different pickup combinations, unlocking a range of tones. From the crisp, clear tones of the neck pickup to the twangy sounds of the bridge pickup, the Player Stratocaster provides sonic versatility.

**2-Point Synchronised Tremolo Bridge:**
The 2-point synchronised tremolo bridge adds expressive possibilities to your playing. Whether you're adding subtle vibrato or performing more dramatic pitch manipulations, the tremolo system enhances your sonic toolkit.

**Standard Cast/Sealed Tuners:**
Equipped with standard cast/sealed tuners, the Player Stratocaster ensures reliable tuning stability. Whether you're playing live or recording, these tuners keep your guitar in tune, allowing you to focus on your performance.

**Synthetic Bone Nut:**
The synthetic bone nut contributes to enhanced sustain and resonance. This high-quality nut material ensures optimal string support and stability, allowing your notes to ring out with clarity.

**White Finish with 3-Ply Parchment Pickguard:**
The elegant White finish, complemented by a 3-ply parchment pickguard, gives the Player Stratocaster a timeless and sophisticated appearance. This classic colour scheme pays homage to the traditional aesthetics of the Stratocaster.

**The Fender Stratocaster Player in White is more than a guitar; it's a conduit to a world of timeless tones and iconic design. With its classic features, modern enhancements, and versatile playability, this Stratocaster invites you to explore new sonic territories while staying true to the timeless essence of the Strat legacy. Elevate your playing experience with the Fender Stratocaster Player in White and let the classic tones inspire your musical journey.**