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Gibson 1997 EC-10 Standard Blue Maple Fire, USED

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The Gibson EC-10 Standard is a classic electric guitar that offers a timeless design and versatile sound. This particular model, finished in a striking blue color, is in good condition and exhibits the signs of a well-loved instrument with some small dinks, scratches, and general wear.

Featuring a solid body construction, the EC-10 Standard delivers a resonant and balanced tone. The familiar single-cutaway design allows for easy access to the upper frets, making it a comfortable instrument to play. The blue finish and figured back/neck adds a touch of visual appeal and sets it apart from more traditional finishes.

The neck is crafted from quality wood, providing a comfortable playing experience. The rosewood fingerboard offers a smooth surface for effortless fretting and is adorned with dot inlays to guide your way along the fretboard.

In terms of hardware, the EC-10 Standard features reliable tuners that ensure stable and accurate tuning. The adjustable bridge allows for precise intonation and action adjustments, catering to your playing preferences. The guitar's overall condition and wear are consistent with its age and use, with small dinks, scratches, and general signs of wear that do not compromise its playability or functionality.

The 1997 Gibson EC-10 Standard is a testament to Gibson's craftsmanship and classic design. Despite its signs of wear, it remains in good condition and retains its original charm and character. Whether you're a seasoned player or a vintage guitar enthusiast, this EC-10 Standard offers a vintage aesthetic and versatile sound that is sure to inspire your musical creativity.


This guitar is in good condition, with some scratches, dinks and wear.

Accessories Included:

Gibson hard case included.