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Gibson Classic Les Paul 2015, USED

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**Gibson Classic Les Paul 2015**

Experience the timeless glory of the Gibson Classic Les Paul 2015 with Grovers, a guitar that embodies the legacy of one of the most iconic instruments in the history of rock and blues. This model stays true to the Les Paul tradition while incorporating modern features, ensuring a powerful and versatile playing experience.

**Classic Les Paul Design:**
The Classic Les Paul 2015 maintains the beloved single-cutaway body shape that has defined rock music for decades. Crafted from a high-quality mahogany body with a carved maple top, this Les Paul exudes resonance, sustain, and a classic aesthetic. The AAA-grade figured maple top adds a touch of elegance to the instrument.

**Modern Upgrades:**
The 2015 model introduces several modern enhancements to meet the demands of contemporary players. It features a wider neck profile, an adjustable zero-fret nut for precise action adjustments, and a compound-radius fretboard that transitions from 10" at the nut to 16" at the last fret. These upgrades contribute to enhanced playability and comfort.

**Grovers Tuners:**
Equipped with Grovers tuners, this Les Paul offers superior tuning stability and precision. The renowned Grovers keep your guitar reliably in tune, even during intense playing sessions and heavy string bending.

**BurstBucker Pro Pickups:**
The Classic Les Paul 2015 is powered by BurstBucker Pro pickups, delivering a powerful, dynamic, and articulate tone. These pickups capture the essence of vintage PAF humbuckers while providing modern clarity and versatility. Whether you're exploring clean tones or unleashing searing leads, the BurstBucker Pro pickups deliver a wide sonic range.

**G-Force Auto-Tuning System:**
One of the standout features of the 2015 model is the G-Force auto-tuning system. This cutting-edge technology allows for quick and precise tuning with the push of a button. The G-Force system ensures that your guitar stays perfectly in tune, adapting to various playing conditions and alternate tunings.

**Zero Fret Adjustable Nut:**
The adjustable zero-fret nut provides precise control over string action, allowing you to customise your playing experience to suit your preferences. This feature ensures optimal playability and facilitates effortless string bending.

**In summary, the Gibson Classic Les Paul 2015 with Grovers combines the best of tradition and innovation. With its classic design, modern features, and advanced tuning technology, this Les Paul is a versatile and reliable companion for players who appreciate the legacy of this legendary guitar.**


  • Case: Hardcase Included