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Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Special TV Yellow 2017, USED

Original price £3,250.00
Original price £3,250.00 - Original price £3,250.00
Original price £3,250.00
Current price £2,999.00
£2,999.00 - £2,999.00
Current price £2,999.00
**Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Special TV Yellow: Vintage Vibe, Custom Craftsmanship**

The Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Special in TV Yellow is a tribute to the golden era of rock 'n' roll, embodying the spirit of the iconic guitars that became synonymous with legendary musicians. Meticulously crafted by Gibson's Custom Shop, this instrument combines vintage aesthetics with modern playability, delivering a timeless and exceptional playing experience.

**Key Features:**

1. **TV Yellow Finish:** The classic TV Yellow finish pays homage to the original Les Paul Specials of the 1950s, exuding vintage charm and capturing the essence of rock's formative years. The slightly worn appearance adds character and authenticity.

2. **Mahogany Body and Neck:** Crafted from a solid mahogany body and neck, this guitar offers the warm, resonant tones that have made Les Pauls legendary. The mahogany neck ensures a comfortable playing feel and excellent sustain.

3. **Custom P-90 Pickups:** Fitted with custom P-90 pickups, the guitar delivers the punchy, articulate tones that define the Les Paul Special. Whether you're playing bluesy licks or aggressive power chords, these pickups provide a dynamic and expressive sonic palette.

4. **Authentic Vintage Specs:** The Custom Shop Les Paul Special stays true to vintage specifications, including the single-cutaway body shape, 22-fret rosewood fingerboard, and vintage-style tuners. The attention to detail captures the essence of the original models.

5. **Wraparound Bridge:** The wraparound bridge enhances sustain and resonance while contributing to the guitar's minimalist aesthetic. It's a hallmark feature that harkens back to the simplicity of early Les Paul Special designs.

6. **Crisp and Responsive Tone:** Whether you're exploring jazzy cleans, gritty blues, or full-throttle rock, the Custom Shop Les Paul Special responds with clarity and articulation. The P-90 pickups provide a perfect balance of warmth and bite.

7. **Custom Shop Quality:** Handcrafted by Gibson's skilled luthiers in the Custom Shop, this Les Paul Special meets the highest standards of quality and attention to detail. Each instrument is a testament to Gibson's legacy of excellence.

**Own a Piece of Rock History:**

The Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Special in TV Yellow is more than a guitar; it's a tribute to the pioneers of rock music. With its vintage-inspired design, iconic finish, and premium craftsmanship, this instrument invites you to step into the footsteps of legendary players. Whether you're on stage or in the studio, the Custom Shop Les Paul Special delivers the authentic vintage experience that discerning players crave.