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Gibson ES-355 Historic '59 Re-issue 2004, USED

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**Gibson ES-355 Historic '59 Re-issue 2004**

Rediscover Vintage Excellence:

- **Timeless Design:** The Gibson ES-355 Historic '59 Re-issue 2004 invites you into the realm of classic elegance. Meticulously crafted to mirror the iconic '59 model, this guitar showcases a flawless Vintage Sunburst finish that captures the essence of a golden era.

- **Pristine Condition:** Revel in the beauty of an instrument that has aged gracefully. Despite its journey, this ES-355 maintains its original luster, displaying only subtle signs of use that add a touch of authenticity to its character.

- **A Tribute to History:** Immerse yourself in the spirit of the past with a guitar that's more than just an instrument; it's a testament to craftsmanship. This 2004 re-issue pays homage to the legendary 1959 model, capturing its essence and spirit with unparalleled accuracy.

- **Mysterious Backstory:** A unique feature of this re-issue is the absence of serial number or custom shop logo stamp on the back of the headstock. This historical detail is a deliberate nod to the reissue series of the time, adding an intriguing layer to the guitar's provenance.

- **Sonic Mastery:** Equipped with authentic vintage-style pickups, the ES-355 delivers a mesmerising range of tones. From velvety jazz to soulful blues and beyond, its versatile sound palette makes it a timeless companion for every genre.

- **Exceptional Playability:** The '59 profile neck ensures an exceptionally smooth and comfortable playing experience, inviting your fingers to glide effortlessly across the fretboard. This re-issue captures the magic of the original, allowing you to channel your creativity with ease.

- **Historical Charm, Modern Reliability:** The Gibson ES-355 Historic '59 Re-issue 2004 embodies the best of both worlds—capturing the allure of yesteryears while providing the reliability and craftsmanship you expect from a modern instrument.

Reconnect with the Past, Embrace the Future:

With the Gibson ES-355 Historic '59 Re-issue 2004, you're not just holding a guitar; you're holding a piece of music history. Let its timeless design, impeccable condition, and subtle nods to the past inspire your musical journey and reignite your passion for the art of sound.


  • Case: Hardcase Included