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Gibson Les Paul Standard 2015 Metallic Trans Red AAA Flame, USED

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Introducing the Gibson Les Paul Standard Trans Metallic Red 2015 - a breathtaking masterpiece that effortlessly marries aesthetics with unmatched playability. This stunning guitar is sure to capture your heart with its mesmerizing finish and deliver an exceptional musical experience.

Adorned in a captivating Trans Metallic Red finish, this Les Paul Standard catches the light in a mesmerizing dance, reflecting an array of vibrant hues that evoke pure admiration. From its timeless body design to the meticulous craftsmanship, every detail of this instrument exudes the unmistakable aura of a classic Gibson Les Paul.

The playability of this guitar is nothing short of extraordinary. Equipped with a bony nut replacement, it offers improved sustain and resonance, ensuring that every note you play rings with unparalleled clarity and warmth. The super slim neck profile enhances the overall comfort, allowing your fingers to effortlessly navigate the fretboard and unlock new heights of musical expression.

Although this guitar boasts exceptional playability, it's essential to note that it has undergone a professional neck repair. Rest assured, this repair was executed with the utmost care and precision by skilled hands, ensuring the guitar's structural integrity and preserving its exceptional tonal qualities. The reflected price allows you to own a genuine Gibson Les Paul Standard at an accessible value, without compromising on the instrument's sonic excellence.

With its harmonically rich tones, powerful sustain, and superb dynamic range, the Gibson Les Paul Standard Trans Metallic Red 2015 is more than just a guitar - it's an extension of your musical soul. Whether you're laying down soulful blues melodies, unleashing thunderous rock riffs, or exploring new sonic territories, this Les Paul Standard is your ultimate companion.

Celebrate the iconic heritage of Gibson while embracing modern features that enhance your playing experience. Take the stage with confidence, knowing that you hold a work of art in your hands - a guitar that not only captivates the eyes but also enraptures the ears.

Discover the magic, embrace the beauty, and experience the effortless playability of the Gibson Les Paul Standard Trans Metallic Red 2015 - a guitar that embodies the essence of Gibson's legendary craftsmanship, and is ready to create music that will resonate for generations to come.


  • Case: Hardcase Included