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Gibson Les Paul Standard '60s in Unburst, USED

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The Gibson Les Paul Standard '60s in Unburst: A Classic Reimagined

The Gibson Les Paul Standard '60s in Unburst captures the essence of the iconic Les Paul design while offering modern enhancements for today's players. With its vintage-inspired appearance, versatile tone, and impeccable craftsmanship, this guitar pays homage to the golden era of rock 'n' roll while providing the performance and playability demanded by modern musicians.

Key Features:

1. Unburst Finish: The Unburst finish of the Les Paul Standard '60s evokes the look of a well-aged vintage instrument, with subtle variations in colour and shading that give each guitar its own unique character. The rich, deep tones of the Unburst finish are complemented by vintage-style binding and hardware, adding to the guitar's classic aesthetic.

2. '60s Profile Neck: The Les Paul Standard '60s features a slim taper neck profile reminiscent of the necks found on vintage Les Pauls from the 1960s. This comfortable neck profile provides a familiar feel and effortless playability, making it well-suited to a wide range of playing styles and techniques.

3. Burstbucker Pickups: The Les Paul Standard '60s is equipped with a pair of Burstbucker pickups, which faithfully recreate the classic PAF humbucker tone that helped define the sound of rock music in the '60s. These pickups deliver rich, warm tones with plenty of clarity and articulation, making them ideal for everything from smooth jazz to hard-hitting rock.

4. Modern Weight Relief: Despite its vintage-inspired appearance, the Les Paul Standard '60s features modern weight relief to reduce the overall weight of the guitar and improve comfort during long playing sessions. This makes the guitar more comfortable to play on stage or in the studio, without sacrificing any of its legendary tone or sustain.

5. ABR-1 Bridge and Stopbar Tailpiece: The Les Paul Standard '60s features a classic ABR-1 bridge and stopbar tailpiece, providing exceptional tuning stability, intonation, and sustain. These high-quality components are essential for achieving the signature Les Paul sound and feel, ensuring that every note rings out with clarity and definition.

6. Premium Materials and Construction: As with all Gibson guitars, the Les Paul Standard '60s is crafted from the finest materials and built to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. From its mahogany body and maple top to its rosewood fingerboard and mother-of-pearl inlays, every aspect of the guitar reflects Gibson's commitment to excellence.

Overall, the Gibson Les Paul Standard '60s in Unburst is a true classic that offers the perfect combination of vintage style and modern performance. With its timeless design, versatile tone, and impeccable craftsmanship, this guitar is sure to inspire players of all levels for generations to come.


  • Case: Hardcase Included