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Gibson Parlour Walnut M (Avant Garde) Sunburst, USED

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Introducing the Gibson Parlour Walnut M (Avant Garde) Sunburst, a captivating acoustic guitar that combines vintage aesthetics with modern innovation. This second-hand beauty, though showing signs of wear and tear, is in overall good condition and continues to exude an incredible look and playability that will inspire musicians of all levels.

Crafted with Gibson's renowned expertise and attention to detail, the Parlour Walnut M features a stunning sunburst finish that accentuates the unique grain patterns of the walnut body. This tonewood choice offers a balanced tonal response, providing warm lows, clear mids, and a touch of brightness in the higher frequencies. The guitar's compact parlour size ensures comfort and ease of play, making it an ideal choice for both fingerstyle players and those seeking a more intimate acoustic experience.

Despite its second-hand status, this Gibson Parlour Walnut M showcases a history that is beautifully worn into its appearance. The signs of wear and tear bear witness to the countless melodies and performances it has been a part of, adding to its authentic character and charm. Each scratch and mark tells a story, symbolizing the guitar's journey and the music it has helped create.

The Gibson Parlour Walnut M delivers exceptional playability, thanks to its comfortable mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard. The hand-rolled fingerboard edges enhance the instrument's overall comfort, allowing for effortless chord transitions and smooth lead playing.

With its expressive and responsive tone, this guitar is equally suited for both strumming and intricate fingerpicking. It offers a balanced and articulate sound that is well-suited for various genres and playing styles. Whether you're recording in the studio, performing on stage, or simply strumming by the campfire, the Gibson Parlour Walnut M will captivate listeners with its rich, resonant sound.

Embrace the opportunity to own a second-hand Gibson Parlour Walnut M (Avant Garde) Sunburst, a guitar that has endured the test of time and continues to shine with its exceptional playability and character. Despite its wear and tear, this instrument remains a testament to Gibson's craftsmanship and its ability to inspire musicians to create beautiful music. Experience the magic and soulful sound that only a well-loved guitar can offer, and let your creativity soar with every strum.