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Kemper Profiler Stage Floorboard, USED

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The Kemper Profiler Stage Floorboard is a cutting-edge guitar amplifier modeler and multi-effects unit designed for professional guitarists and studio musicians. Building on the success of the Kemper Profiler series, the Profiler Stage offers a comprehensive solution for tone shaping, amp modeling, and effects processing, all in a convenient floorboard format.

**Key Features:**

1. **Profiler Technology:**
The heart of the Profiler Stage is the Kemper Profiling technology, which allows users to capture the exact sonic characteristics of real tube amplifiers. This technology enables guitarists to replicate the tones of their favourite amplifiers and create a vast range of sounds.

2. **Amp Modeling:**
The Profiler Stage includes a wide variety of high-quality amp profiles, covering classic vintage amps, modern high-gain heads, and everything in between. Users can access an extensive library of profiles or create their own by "profiling" their existing amplifiers.

3. **Effects Section:**
It features a robust effects section with a diverse set of studio-quality effects, including delays, reverbs, modulation effects, and more. The floorboard design allows easy access to these effects, making it convenient for on-the-fly adjustments during live performances.

4. **User Interface:**
The Profiler Stage features an intuitive and user-friendly interface with a large colour display, rotary controls, and dedicated buttons for quick navigation. The clear layout ensures that users can efficiently tweak their tones and manage presets.

5. **Profiling Amplifier:**
The Profiler Stage can function as both a standalone amplifier modeler and a profiling amplifier. Users can capture the sonic DNA of their existing amplifiers and carry those profiles into any performance or recording setting.

6. **Versatility:**
Designed for both stage and studio use, the Profiler Stage offers versatility for various musical contexts. Whether on tour, in the studio, or practicing at home, guitarists can have access to a vast array of tones and effects.

7. **Built-in Expression Pedals:**
The Profiler Stage comes equipped with two built-in expression pedals that can be assigned to control parameters such as volume, wah, or any effect parameter. This adds an extra layer of expressiveness to the player's performance.

8. **Rugged Construction:**
Built for the rigours of live performance, the Profiler Stage features a durable and roadworthy construction. The sturdy design ensures that it can withstand the demands of touring musicians and regular gigging.

9. **Connectivity:**
The unit provides comprehensive connectivity options, including various input and output jacks, MIDI connectivity, USB for direct recording, and more. It can seamlessly integrate into existing pedalboard setups and studio environments.

10. **Updates and Profiling Software:**
Kemper frequently releases firmware updates and profiling software, ensuring that users have access to the latest features and improvements. This commitment to ongoing development enhances the longevity and value of the Profiler Stage.

The Kemper Profiler Stage Floorboard stands at the forefront of amp modeling technology, offering guitarists a powerful tool for tone creation and performance. With its advanced profiling capabilities, extensive effects library, and user-friendly interface, the Profiler Stage caters to the needs of professional musicians seeking a versatile and reliable solution for their guitar tones. Whether on stage or in the studio, the Kemper Profiler Stage provides an unparalleled level of flexibility and sonic fidelity for the modern guitarist.