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Kinsman KPB03BK Adjustable Piano Bench - Satin Black

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Current price £99.00

The peace of mind one gets from music is unparalleled. It is a beautiful feeling, a reason to smile, a way to detach from all the worries and to calm your nerves. Those who are attached to music either through listening to it or singing or playing any instrument tend to be happier than those who don’t. Speaking of Piano specifically, it is a perfect escape from all the worries and a reason to enjoy life for those who play this amazing instrument. It is a kind of creative expression for an artist. A pianist needs to have his full concentration while playing piano and an uninterrupted piano session. There is no scope for any disruptions, especially the ones that are avoidable. 

It is only when everything is in place and is perfect, one can enjoy playing the piano. The piano accessories, therefore, play a substantial role in the life of an artist. One such important product is a Piano Bench on which the player will sit and play. It should be comfortable while playing and rightly placed to avoid any disruptions. The Kinsman KPB03BK Piano Bench is a wise choice when it comes to piano benches. It has been duly constructed with the supreme quality of wooden frame to carry a considerable amount of weight. It's padded tumbled faux-leather seat allows the player to sit comfortably for long practice sessions. The Satin black-colored cushioned seat is super-comfy and convenient for people of all age groups. 

The aesthetic matt black finish of the seat makes it a wise choice not just as a piano bench but also as premium furniture for your house. And if you compare with other brands in the market, all these features are available at the most reasonable cost. Where else would find something that is comfortable, elegant, and value for money simultaneously? Here, when you decide to buy this KPB03BK Piano Bench. One distinguishing feature of this product is its adjustable seat, whose height can be altered as per your preferred level. It is good to buy if you have children and other people in the family playing the instrument. 

Before you decide to buy this excellent value deal, take note of some of the technical specifications of the product produced hereinafter: 

* The satin black KPB03BK Adjustable Piano Bench weighs around 8.55 kilograms (18.84 pounds) and remains sturdy irrespective of the weight it is carrying. 

* The length and width of the bench are 71.5 and 37.4 centimetres respectively (28.15 x 14.72 inches). 

* This Premium Quality Piano bench with a height control feature can complement any acoustic or digital piano.

Buy this KPB03BK Adjustable Piano Bench with a Satin-black matte finish today to give the perfect finishing touch to your piano and your room space.