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Kinsman KSS07 Double-braced Keyboard X Stand

Original price £34.99
Original price £34.99 - Original price £34.99
Original price £34.99
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Current price £29.99

Like humans, your keyboard instrument also cannot play without its legs. It is important to give it considerable height and an even surface for a seamless and hassle-free session. The importance of a keyboard stand cannot be underestimated as it has the capacity to make or break your performance. Hence, it becomes equally important to buy a good stand as to buy the perfect instrument. Keyboard stands come in various types, like a table type stand, single X stand, a Double “X” stand, Z-Stand, tier type stands, and others. Out of which, X-Stands are highly popular among percussionists.

The Kinsman KSS07 Double-braced Keyboard X Stand is a wise choice when it comes to buying a stand that is suitable for most types of keyboards. Its high-quality black enamel finish makes it durable and gives it a royal touch. This enamel protects the stand from dirt and protects it from rusting away.

This double-braced stand gives twofold protection to your instrument. It provides a better grip and position to the player and avoids any unnecessary budging of the piano. It comes with a convenient adjustable screw in the middle of the stand which can be used to alter the size of the stand as per the height of the instrumentalist. This makes it a good choice for families who have their growing children playing a keyboard.

One of the features that make this stand better than its competitors is the quick-release mechanism. It can be easily folded down flat without any hassle for convenient transit and storage. It thus becomes useful when you have to travel with your keyboard to different places without damaging it.  And here’s an add-on; it weighs only 4.26 kilograms and can easily be lifted and carried by an average adult human being. But, despite being a light-weighted keyboard stand, it can easily hold heavy keyboards due to its strong grip technology. It provides a stable surface to the keyboard and will secure it with the right grip to avoid the falling or slipping of the instrument.

Unlike other brands in the market which have a cumbersome and tiring procedure of assembling and dismantling the stand, the Kinsman KSS07 Double-braced Keyboard X Stand comes pre-assembled from the store to you. The product is efficiently secured with premium packaging in a heavy box to avoid getting the product damaged during transit.  

The best part of this keyboard stand is that despite its unique and varied benefits, it is an incredibly affordable stand that will not ruin your monthly budget. Some of the technical specifications of the product are: 

  • The stand can be easily adjusted to five different heights ranging between 64 cm to 98 cm.
  • The weight of the keyboard stand is around 4.26 kilograms. 
  • Pre-assembled and packed securely for safe transit. 

A perfect amalgamation of the best quality, style, performance, and price, this Kinsman KSS07 Double-braced Keyboard X Stand is all you need for a smooth and stable playing session.