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Kinsman KSS11 Adjustable Keyboard 'X' Stool

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An auditorium full of people standing together and giving you a standing ovation is a dream of a keyboard player. Keyboards are the most widely loved musical instruments all over the world. Keyboards are the sole of every music. The way fingers are slid all over the keyboard is just amazing to watch.

To be an effective keyboard player, one needs to do a lot of practice and hard work. Dedication is the key to learning the keyboard. Keyboard learning requires long hours of sitting in a single stretch. Thus, it is important to have a good sitting arrangement for yourself so that you can enjoy long hours of keyboard playing without hurting your back. Kinsman KSS11 Keyboard X Stool is one such product that serves the purpose.

Kinsman KSS11 Keyboard X Stool is an exclusively designed product for keyboard players. The product is comfortable and open at all ends so that you can choose to sit as you desire.

Kinsman KSS11 Keyboard X Stool has a padded vinyl seat top. Vinyl seat tops are now preferred over other products because it absorbs less stain. Vinyl seat tops are also low in budget compared to other products and save you a lot of money.

The product has a high-quality powder-coated finish to add up to the strength and look of the seat. It also adds up to the durability of the stool so that wear and tears over time don’t damage the product.

Kinsman has also equipped the product with rubber end caps so that it does not slip while the keyboard player makes some body movements. Further, it also makes sure that it does not leave any marks on the floor while shifting the stool from one place to another. Unnecessary, screeching sound is also done away with as rubber end caps don’t produce such sounds when slid or rubbed against the floor.

There are two types of stools. One is box type and the second is adjustable height type. Stools with adjustable heights are more commonly used because it gives the flexibility of adjusting heights so that you are in a comfortable position while playing the keyboard. It is advised that the keyboard players should have their finger positions parallel to the ground while playing the keyboard. Otherwise, it can cause shoulder and backaches in later parts of life. Even if someone else wants to play your keyboard, adjustable height-type stools come in handy. Kinsman has provided the stool with three adjustable heights.

The stool comes in a foldable style so that it can be folded and can be carried easily. It is easy to install and set up and can be done without the need for any assistance. The product comes in a supplied box for easy and safe shipping.

Kinsman is a well-known brand for piano benches. They have always met the expectations of the customers. It is customer satisfaction and the product designs that have set them apart from the rest of the peer companies. With so many positives, the only thing that is left now is your click. Click it to buy it now.