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Win A Boss Katana 50 MKII - ENTER NOW

Mark Bass Little Mark III 500W Bass Head, USED

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£449.00 - £449.00
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Introducing the Markbass Little Mark III Bass Amp Head – Your Passport to Pure Power and Tonal Precision.

Compact Powerhouse: Unleash the full potential of your bass with the Markbass Little Mark III. This compact bass amp head may be small in size, but it packs a punch, delivering a formidable 300 watts of pure, clear power. Whether you're hitting the stage or laying down tracks in the studio, the Little Mark III ensures your bass cuts through with authority.

Transparent Tonal Clarity: Experience a new level of sonic clarity and definition with the Little Mark III. The solid-state preamp, combined with a tube-driven tone control circuit, provides a warm and natural sound that faithfully reproduces the unique character of your bass. From punchy slap tones to thunderous lows, this amp head lets your instrument's voice shine through.

Versatile Tone Sculpting: Tailor your sound precisely with the intuitive 4-band EQ. The dedicated controls for Bass, Low Mid, High Mid, and Treble allow you to sculpt your tone to perfection, while the VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) and VPF (Variable Preshape Filter) knobs provide additional sonic shaping options. The result is a versatile amp that adapts to any playing style or musical genre.

Built for the Road: Designed with the gigging musician in mind, the Little Mark III is housed in a rugged yet lightweight chassis. The solid construction ensures durability on the road, while the compact size makes it easy to transport from venue to venue. This amp head is ready to handle the demands of the stage with ease.

Studio-Grade DI Output: Connect directly to the soundboard or recording interface with the balanced XLR DI output. The Little Mark III's studio-grade DI ensures a clean and professional signal, making it an ideal choice for both live performances and studio sessions.

Markbass Reliability: Backed by the reputation of Markbass for crafting high-quality bass amplification, the Little Mark III is a testament to their commitment to delivering top-notch sound and reliability. Join the ranks of bassists worldwide who trust Markbass for their tone.

Elevate Your Bass Game: Whether you're a professional bassist or an aspiring player, the Markbass Little Mark III Bass Amp Head is your ticket to a world of sonic possibilities. Elevate your bass game, define your tone, and experience the power of Markbass innovation.

Step into a realm of sonic excellence with the Markbass Little Mark III – where power, precision, and portability converge for the ultimate bass playing experience.