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Marshall DSL5CR Combo Amplifier

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The Marshall DSL range is one of the leading series of amplifiers in the guitar world. With incredible versatile tone from crisp cleans to high gain distortion, there isn't much more to look for in an amplifier!


The DSL5CR is a 5W 1x10" valve combo with digital reverb; building on the tried-and-tested DSL formula, this compact combo delivers great valve sound at low levels but responds with analogue warmth when pushed! It's loaded with a single 10" Celestion Ten-30 speaker for a smooth, accurate response. You've got two channels at your disposal: classic gain and ultra gain, both of which do exactly what they say on the tin! The classic gain is warm but clear with two controls (gain and volume), and extremely responsive to adjustments, whereas the ultra gain allows you to tip into that full-pelt Marshall distortion that's so widely adored.


  • 2-channel 5W combo
  • Shared EQ
  • Digital reverb
  • 10" Celestion Ten-30 speaker
  • Classic Marshall Black & Gold aesthetic with script logo
  • Softube-designed emulated output w/ silent recording
  • ECC83 and EL34 valves