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Orange AD200 Bass MKIII, USED

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The Orange AD200 Bass MKIII is a powerhouse bass amplifier head known for its massive tone, robust construction, and versatile features. Designed to meet the needs of professional bassists in any musical genre, the AD200 Bass MKIII delivers a commanding presence on stage and in the studio.

Key Features:

1. Classic Orange Tone: The AD200 Bass MKIII stays true to Orange's legacy of delivering iconic bass tones. With its all-tube design and custom transformers, this amplifier produces a rich, dynamic sound characterised by tight lows, punchy mids, and crisp highs. Whether you're playing slap bass, fingerstyle, or using a pick, the AD200 delivers the depth and clarity that Orange is famous for.

2. Dual Channel Design: The amplifier features two footswitchable channels, allowing you to switch between different tones on the fly. The "Clean" channel offers pristine, transparent sound with plenty of headroom, while the "Dirty" channel provides a range of overdriven and distorted tones for adding grit and aggression to your bass sound.

3. ECC83 Preamp Tubes: The AD200 Bass MKIII is equipped with ECC83 preamp tubes (also known as 12AX7), which contribute to its rich harmonic content and warm tube saturation. These tubes provide a responsive and dynamic feel, allowing you to dial in your desired tone with precision and expressiveness.

4. Comprehensive EQ Section: The amplifier features a powerful three-band EQ (Bass, Middle, Treble) on each channel, along with a Master Volume control. This allows you to sculpt your tone to perfection, whether you're seeking deep, thunderous lows, cutting midrange presence, or sparkling high-end clarity. Additionally, a Presence control adds extra definition and articulation to your sound.

5. Buffered Effects Loop: The AD200 Bass MKIII includes a buffered effects loop with send and return jacks, allowing you to integrate external effects pedals and processors into your signal chain with minimal signal degradation. This enables you to add modulation, delay, and other effects to your bass sound while preserving the integrity of your core tone.

6. Output Options: The amplifier provides flexible output options to suit different performance scenarios. It features both Speakon and 1/4-inch speaker outputs for connecting to a variety of speaker cabinets, as well as a direct output with a balanced XLR connection for sending your signal directly to a mixing console or recording interface.

7. Roadworthy Construction: Housed in a rugged, roadworthy chassis, the AD200 Bass MKIII is built to withstand the rigours of touring and gigging. Its sturdy construction, heavy-duty components, and protective corner reinforcements ensure reliable performance night after night, making it an ideal choice for professional bassists who demand the best from their gear.

Overall, the Orange AD200 Bass MKIII is a top-of-the-line amplifier head that delivers powerful bass tones with unmatched clarity, depth, and versatility. Whether you're playing live on stage, laying down tracks in the studio, or rehearsing at home, the AD200 Bass MKIII provides the tone, power, and reliability you need to elevate your bass playing to the next level.