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Orange Terror Bass, USED

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**Orange Terror Bass: Power and Portability Redefined**

The Orange Terror Bass amplifier is a compact yet mighty powerhouse that brings together the iconic Orange tone and portability. Designed for bassists who demand a versatile, powerful, and easily transportable amp, the Terror Bass series delivers a commanding presence in a compact and road-ready package.

**Key Features:**

1. **Hybrid Design:**
- The Terror Bass utilises a hybrid design, combining a tube preamp section with a solid-state power amp. This combination provides the warmth and character of tubes with the reliability and efficiency of solid-state technology.

2. **Responsive Tube Preamp:**
- The tube preamp section, featuring ECC83/12AX7 tubes, ensures a rich and responsive tone with harmonically rich overtones. This gives your bass sound a distinctive character and musicality.

3. **Solid-State Power Amp:**
- The solid-state power amp delivers ample power and efficiency, making the Terror Bass series suitable for both stage and studio use. Enjoy the benefits of a lightweight and portable amplifier without sacrificing tonal quality.

4. **Selectable Output Wattage:**
- The Terror Bass allows you to switch between different output wattages, providing flexibility for various playing environments. Choose between 500W, 250W, or 125W options to match your performance needs.

5. **Simple and Intuitive Controls:**
- The straightforward control layout includes Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, and Volume controls. This simplicity ensures easy and quick tonal adjustments, allowing you to focus on your playing.

6. **Balanced DI Output:**
- The balanced DI output makes it easy to connect the Terror Bass directly to a mixing console or audio interface. This feature is perfect for recording sessions and live performances where a direct signal is needed.

7. **Effects Loop:**
- The built-in effects loop allows you to integrate your favorite bass effects seamlessly into your signal chain, expanding your sonic possibilities without compromising the amplifier's core tone.

8. **Compact and Portable:**
- The compact and lightweight design of the Terror Bass makes it ideal for musicians on the go. Whether you're gigging, rehearsing, or recording, this amp is easy to transport without sacrificing performance.

**Unleash the Terror:**

The Orange Terror Bass amplifier is a testament to Orange's commitment to delivering powerful and distinctive bass amplification in a compact and portable format. Whether you're laying down grooves in the studio or commanding the stage with your band, the Terror Bass provides the tone, versatility, and reliability that bassists crave. Unleash the terror and experience the legendary Orange sound in a package that's ready to conquer any musical terrain.