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Roland AC-40 Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amplifier, Ex-Display

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This amp has sat on the shop floor, it doesn't have a box but has everything to make a great sound!

The Roland AC40 is a Powerful and lightweight stereo amplifier with natural acoustic tone, custom-designed speakers, and built-in stereo effects.

Roland AC40 Compact Stereo Amp for Acoustic Guitarists and Singer/Songwriters

The AC-40 is an amplifier for acoustic guitarists, with a rich, warm sound that brings out the best in your guitar. As part of Roland’s Acoustic Chorus family, the AC-40 delivers clean, loud, and natural sound for acoustic guitars, and you can also add a microphone, making it ideal for singer/songwriters.

Onboard stereo effects include a high-quality digital reverb along with Roland’s famous chorus sound, while the anti-feedback function automatically reduces acoustic feedback, so you can concentrate on your performance. Weighing just over 5kg and with extensive connectivity options, the AC-40 is the perfect companion for acoustic musicians on the move.

  • Powerful and lightweight (just over 5kg) stereo amplifier with natural acoustic tone
  • Dual custom-designed 6.5-inch speakers deliver impressive sound levels with superior projection
  • Stereo chorus and reverb effects for rich, spacious sound
  • Dual channels: GUITAR (1/4-inch input) and MIC/LINE (XLR/TRS input), each with three-band EQ and independent effects controls
  • AUX IN with level control for connecting music players
  • Mono/stereo LINE OUT for interfacing with inhouse PA sound systems and recording devices
  • Automatic anti-feedback function controls troublesome feedback during live performances


Roland’s Acoustic Chorus amplifiers are renowned for their pure and natural sound, and are used by acoustic guitarists and singer/songwriters who appreciate a rich, warm acoustic tone. The AC-40 continues the tradition, with dual speakers providing true stereo output plus stereo chorus and reverb effects for studio-quality depth that mono amps just can’t deliver.


The AC-40 weighs under 12 pounds (5.3 kg) so although it’s loud, it’s easy to carry around. Despite its small size, it’s perfect for venues such as intimate nightclubs, restaurants, and coffee houses. You can tilt the amp using the built-in stand for improved projection when placed on a flat surface, ensuring your audience gets the full impact of your music. The AC-40’s not just suitable for smaller venues either, it’s also ideal as a personal monitor when performing on larger stages.


The AC-40 has two independent channels; a dedicated GUITAR channel with a standard ¼-inch input, plus a MIC/LINE channel with an XLR/TRS combo input for connecting a microphone or a line-level device. If you’re a singer/songwriter, just plug in your guitar and a mic and you’re ready to perform. Alternatively, you can use the channels to mix two types of guitar pickups (or a pickup and a mic) if you have more than one guitar. However you choose to use the amp, each channel also has its own three-band EQ for sound shaping plus independent chorus and reverb controls, so you can get the sound exactly how you like it.


If you play live, you’ll know that acoustic feedback is often a problem, especially when you need to push the volume or you’re playing in a confined space. The AC-40 automatically suppresses feedback before it causes trouble, so you can concentrate on getting the right type of feedback; the kind that comes from your audience.


The AC-40 is a performance amplifier designed for live use, with a multitude of connections to make your gigs go smoothly. You can easily connect an external music player to the stereo AUX IN for backing tracks or practice, and use the dedicated level control to balance the sound. If you’re playing in a larger venue, mono/stereo LINE OUT jacks let you connect to a PA system, or to a recording device to capture natural sound along with the amp’s rich stereo effects. Plugging into the PHONES jack mutes the internal speakers, letting you practice without disturbing others. A jack is also provided for turning the reverb and chorus effects on/off with optional footswitches.



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