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Roland Cube 30 Bass Combo, USED

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**Roland Cube 30 Bass Combo: Versatile Tones and Portable Power**

Unlock a world of bass tones with the Roland Cube 30 Bass Combo, a compact and versatile amplifier that delivers a rich sonic palette in a portable package. Whether you're practicing at home, recording in the studio, or performing on stage, the Cube 30 Bass Combo offers a range of features to suit different playing situations. From its powerful sound to its onboard effects and connectivity options, this combo amp is designed to meet the needs of bassists seeking quality tones and convenience.

**Key Features:**

1. **Compact and Portable Design:**
- The Cube 30 Bass Combo's compact design makes it easy to transport, making it an ideal choice for rehearsals, small gigs, and home practice. Its lightweight construction ensures portability without sacrificing powerful bass sound.

2. **Powerful Sound Output:**
- Experience impressive sound projection with the Cube 30's 30-watt power output. Whether you're playing in a small venue or practicing at home, this combo amp provides ample volume and clarity for your bass playing.

3. **Customisable COSM Amp Models:**
- Choose from a selection of COSM amp models to shape your bass tone. From clean and punchy to gritty and distorted, the Cube 30 offers a variety of amp simulations to suit different playing styles and musical genres.

4. **Onboard Effects:**
- Enhance your bass sound with the Cube 30's onboard effects. Experiment with chorus, flanger, and reverb effects to add depth and dimension to your playing. The effects section provides easy-to-use controls for quick adjustments.

5. **3-Band EQ:**
- Tailor your bass tone with the Cube 30's 3-band EQ. Adjust the bass, midrange, and treble frequencies to achieve the perfect balance and response for your playing style and bass guitar.

6. **Auxiliary Input:**
- Play along with your favourite tracks or backing music by connecting external devices to the Cube 30's auxiliary input. Practice with versatility and enjoy the flexibility of jamming along to your preferred tunes.

7. **Recording and Headphone Output:**
- Easily connect the Cube 30 to recording equipment or use headphones for silent practice. The recording/headphone output allows you to capture your bass tones directly or practice without disturbing others.

8. **Built-In Tuner:**
- Keep your bass in tune with the Cube 30's built-in tuner. The convenient tuner feature ensures that you're always ready to play with accurate and precise tuning.

9. **Rugged Construction:**
- Built to withstand the demands of regular use, the Cube 30 features rugged construction that can handle the bumps and knocks of gigging and transportation.

10. **Versatile Connectivity:**
- Connect external devices, footswitches, or additional Cube amps for expanded functionality. The Cube 30's versatile connectivity options make it easy to integrate into various setups and configurations.

Whether you're a beginner exploring bass tones or an experienced player looking for a reliable practice and performance amp, the Roland Cube 30 Bass Combo delivers a combination of portability, versatility, and quality sound. Experience the freedom to explore different tones and express your bass playing with this feature-packed combo amplifier.