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Roland FP-60X-BK Portable Digital Piano USED

Original price £750.00 - Original price £750.00
Original price
£750.00 - £750.00
Current price £750.00

This is a USED item in very good condition. Very little cosmetic sign of use, wear an tear. Includes manual, music rest and PSU. 3 month warranty included.

Whether you have just started playing piano or have been playing it for ages, you must be aware that it is always kept on an even surface to avoid any disruption while playing it. Traditionally the piano players used to build separate cabinets in their house to keep the instrument. It was a permanent kind of structure that was heavy and used to occupy a considerable space. 

As time has evolved, piano players have realized that it is more convenient and comfortable to keep a handy kind of thing that can be easily shifted and at the same time provide an equal amount of steadiness. That's when the concept of a piano stand evolved. Even to date, the importance of a good piano stand cannot be underestimated. Not only does it provide a sturdy surface for the piano but also a sort of convenience to its users. In this dynamic music industry which is ever-evolving and growing, the demand for good piano stands has significantly increased. 

Whenever you go to buy a piano stand, make sure you spend at least 10-15 minutes exploring the right one for you. Know the length and width of your piano and accordingly choose the stand which fits the bill. Generally, the piano should rest no more than a few inches off the arms of the stand, and sit exactly between the end caps, which will provide it a better grip. It's not just enough to know the dimensions of your piano but it is equally important to know the weight of your piano, to make sure you purchase a stand that can support its weight.

The Roland KSC-72-BK Piano Stand which has been specifically designed for the FP-60X-BK Digital Piano gives you a unique combination of 3S’ i.e support, style, and strength. The piano can be easily elevated to the height of the player using this amazing Roland KSC-72-BK Piano Stand. This allows the player to sit in an upright position while playing the piano thereby maintaining the right posture and better hand coordination. 

This classic black-colored piano stand provides a high level of comfort to the players even while engaging in long practice sessions. Made from the finest quality of lamented particleboard, this piano stand can easily hold heavyweight and can hold an even stronger grip. This will avoid the falling and slipping of the piano and can save your piano from huge damage. Its ultimate chic look can add up to the grace of any room and can be a perfect interior option,  complimenting your piano. Yes, you got that right! It is serving more than just one purpose and isn’t it just amazing? 

It is our promise that this product will not be a disappointment for you and is completely worth your time and money. Make sure you grab this black-colored Roland KSC-72-BK Stand for your FP-60X-BK Digital Piano soon!