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Roland TD-27K V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit

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Please Note: Kick Pedal, Hi-Hat Stand, Stool & Sticks all Sold Separately 

The Roland TD-27K sits in the middle of the brand's electronic drum kit offering. It delivers the same great V-Drums sound and feel in an acoustic-influenced setup. 

TD-27 Sound Module 

The backbone of this kit is the TD-27 sound module. It's packed full to bursting with realistic drums that sound and operate just like their acoustic counterparts. This is due to a meticulous sampling process, where the cymbals, percussion and drums are recorded in industry-standard recording studios. Each sample is then augmented using Roland's intuitive Prismatic Sound Modelling technology. This smart system ensures that every hit triggers a sound full of realism and natural characteristics.  

These sounds can be customised to suit your preferences too. Change the tuning, swap in a different type of head, add damping, alter the tension of your snare wire and more! If you still can't find the exact sound you're looking for, you can load in your own samples and combine them with the pre-existing onboard sounds. Any edits made are automatically saved.

Playing Experience 

Roland always deliver in the playability department, and the TD-27K is no different. The full set of mesh-head pads feel great to play, with impressive rebound and response. Each cymbal also offers choking, bow/edge playing and an authentic swinging motion with every strike. On the snare pad, positional sensing ensures that the sound will alter to mirror where you've struck it.