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Se Electronics Gemini

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This listing is for a USED Se Electronics Gemini Valve studio condensor mic. Includes metal outer case, wooden mic box, lead and psu. In very good condition with 3 month warranty.

The Gemini has a 20Hz-20kHz frequency range, but with a little presence lift to add air and detail to the high end. Its sensitivity is a fairly typical 20mV/Pa, and the output impedance is an equally typical 200Ω. Its equivalent input noise level is 16dBA, which is on the good side for a tube mic, and though the mic has no pad switch fitted it can accommodate SPLs are high as 130dB (for 0.5 percent THD at 1000Hz). This isn't as high as some models I've reviewed, but is still more than adequate for most situations in which this type of microphone is likely to be used. It is certainly more than enough to deal with even the loudest vocalist. There's also no low-frequency roll-off switch on this mic, so if this facility is needed it would have to be provided by the mic preamp.

As with all tube microphones, the Gemini comes with its own external power supply, and as is invariably the case, this is an unassuming steel box with a multi-pin input for the mic cable, a balanced XLR output, and a mains switch. Power comes in via the usual IEC socket, and there's a voltage selector that switches between 220V and 110V operation.